Basics of profiling (test with answers Synergy/MOI/MIT)

Replenishment date: 27.04.2023
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1. Legislative acts related to security were issued in the following order:

1 Air Code of the Russian Federation

2 Letter from the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Transport "Methodology for identifying potentially dangerous passengers through a special survey during pre-flight service (profile method)"

3 Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation "Aviation security requirements for airports: Federal aviation rules"

4 Federal law "On transport security"

2. Establish a correspondence between the terrorist syndrome and its psychological characteristics:

A. Kamikaze Shahed Syndrome

B. Zombie Syndrome

C. Rambo syndrome

D. the desire for hypercompensation through self-sacrifice, subconscious recognition of one's own insolvency

E. over-combat readiness and expressed hostility with a total image of the enemy, paranoid constant striving for the most complex organized military operations

F. a person with a neurotic structure, torn apart by insurmountable intrapsychic conflict between the desire for thrills and disgust for his participation in them

3. The myth of the enemy is...

* a factor that binds and mobilizes the group, contributing to group identification and cohesion based on the binary opposition "friend - foe"

*justification of violence, when peaceful means are presented as ineffective and there is no other way to make changes, being outside the system and having no power

*asymmetric response of a weaker enemy to violence and rationalizing offensive actions as defensive ones

4. The purpose of terrorist actions may be ... (specify 2 answers)

* the desire to translate newfound fame into recognition

*increased self-esteem

* realization of inadequate ambitions

* draw attention to your requirements

5. Common verbal signs ... include an emphasis on lack of time

6. The purpose of Vibralmage technology is to determine ... the state

7. Establish a correspondence between psychotypes and human qualities:

A. Epileptoid psychotype

B. Schizoid psychotype

C. Hysteroid psychotype

D. Paranoid psychotype

E. weak, sedentary nervous system, weakened by organic changes, aggression, desire to suppress the opponent, inability to control information flows

F. Behavior that provides an individual with a schematic representation of a given environment

G. mobile, fast, but weak nervous system, intermittent, unstable performance, increased exhaustion

H. strong but inactive nervous system, slight organic changes in the brain, a tendency to get stuck, a tendency to lead, purposefulness, energy

8. Mandatory qualities of a profiler are ... and observation

9. The profession of a profiler involves the ability to calculate ... behavior

10. The profiling method relies on the … approach

11. A profiler is a specialist in ...

* detection of lies

* psychodiagnostic methods

* compiling a test-free psychological portrait of a person

* detection of forgeries in documents

12. The direction at the origins of modern profiling is ... profiling

13. Awareness, perception, emotional evaluation, experiencing one's belonging to an ethnic community is ...

14. Applying profiling...

*mandatory for safety

*not regulated as a mandatory event in the structure of the security service

*forbidden to use

15. Testing the behavior (emotional state) of a person while he is on the territory of the airport should take place ...

*only when checking documents

*only when interviewing a person only

*when checking luggage and hand luggage

*at all stages of profiling

16. The critical features of a passenger in transport profiling include ... (specify 3 answers)

*purchasing a ticket illegally

*tearful passenger face

*rumpled ticket

*invalid passport

*changing information on the ticket illegally

17. The attacks in Domodedovo, which became the starting
Additional Information
38. Before you is a woman of 25–28 years old, slender. Dressed in a light green T-shirt, pink guipure skirt, white sneakers on her feet. The hair is straight, loose, with purple and pink strands. Movements are jerky and abrupt. Determine the psychotype of a woman. Give its general characteristics. Suggest a likely style of her behavior.

* Schizoid psychotype. General characteristics: introvertive, closed, the emotional background is reduced, seeks to be alone with himself and not attract attention. Probabilistic style of behavior: sincerity, perseverance, skepticism, non-conformity.

* Paranoid psychotype. General characteristics: high energy, mobility with pronounced conservatism, carefully chooses the style of clothing and behavior. Always knows where, how and with whom to behave. Probabilistic style of behavior: difficult to suggest, relies on facts, it is characterized by restraint, concreteness and straightforwardness.

*Hysteroid psychotype. General characteristics: artistic nature, always striving for the praise and admiration of others, the nervous system is mobile, fast, but weak; increased exhaustion. Probabilistic style of behavior: egocentrism, suggestibility, deceit, manipulativeness, scandalousness.

39. The use of knowledge about the objects of professional observation and the criticality of observation are components of the method of increasing ... observation

40. It is not true that the speech model of a person is determined by such a factor as ...


*grammatical incompleteness of phrases

*phonetic speech quality

*avoiding verbal communication

41. A complex multifaceted process, which includes not only the exchange of verbal information, but the entire process of perception and understanding of another person, is ...

42. A set of measures, plans and programs to ensure the protection of an object from crimes of a terrorist nature is ... protection

43. Establish a correspondence between the psychotype and the basic behavior of a person:

A. Emotive psychotype

B. Schizoid psychotype

C. Hyperthymic psychotype

D. Paranoid psychotype

E. the desire to experience emotions and get rid of anxiety

F. survey - organization - systematization

G. readiness for action

H. disagreement

44. Signs indicating persons engaged in criminal activities are such as ... (specify 3 answers)

* monophonic clothes of dark colors

*intense gesticulation, expressive hand and finger movements

* squatting against the wall, waiting features (three steps in one direction, three in the other)

* great alertness, heightened reaction to suspicion and suspicion of others

*tired look

45. An individual captured and (or) held for the purpose of compelling the state, organization or individuals to perform any action or refrain from performing any action as a condition for the release of the detained person is ...

46. ​​Intimate distance when communicating is ...

*15-45 cm

*45-120 cm

*120-210 cm

*210-350 cm

47. Illegal action (inaction), including a terrorist act, threatening the safe operation of the transport complex, causing harm to human life and health, material damage, or creating a threat of such consequences, is an act ...

48. Arrange in descending order of probability the age of the suicide bomber:

1. 25–30 years old

2. less than 25 years old

3. 30–48 years old

49. The tone of the profiler when talking to the interviewee should be ... (specify 3 answers)

* secular





50. Establish a correspondence between the activity of the profiler and the type of profiling:

A. Accompanying business negotiations

B. Observation and questioning of passengers during pre-flight screening

C. Accompanying business negotiations

D. criminal profiling

E. aviation profiling

F. commercial profiling
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