Psychological Research Strategies

Replenishment date: 03.05.2023
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1. In psychology, there are two main forms of research, such as ... (specify 2 answers)





2. Activities aimed at a comprehensive study of an object, process or phenomenon, their structure and relationships, as well as obtaining and putting into practice useful results for a person, is ... research

3. Research in which scientific significance prevails, as well as a decisive contribution to the study of the problem area, is ... scientific research

4. A study that is carried out in order to refute an existing theory, model, hypothesis, law, or to test which of two alternative hypotheses more accurately predicts reality is ... research

5. A study that is being conducted to develop a new approach, methodology, technology is ... a study

6. The place in which the scientific research is carried out involves ... (specify 2 answers)

*no environmental influences

*no influence of the researcher's personality

*suitable hygienic conditions

* no requirements for it

7. The research methodology includes ... (specify 3 answers)

* research methods and models

*research approaches

*labor of researchers

*analysis of the competitive environment

*goals and objectives of the study

8. The methodology of any research begins with ...

*target selection

*approach definition

*assessment funds

*selection method

9. The most developed form of scientific knowledge, which gives a holistic display of the regular and essential connections of a certain area of ​​reality, is ...

10. Scientific research aimed at the practical solution of various types of problems is ... research

11. The area of ​​human activity based on obtaining knowledge about the world and its systematization, on the basis of which it is possible to build a scientific picture of the world and evidence-based practice, is ...


*the science



12. Determine the correct sequence of stages of psychological research:

1 preparatory stage

Stage 2 Evidence Gathering

Stage 3 of quantitative and qualitative processing of research data

4 interpretation of study results

13. The main contradiction that must be resolved by means of science is ... research

14. The assumption, in which, on the basis of a number of facts, a conclusion is made about the existence of an object, connection or cause of a phenomenon that cannot be called completely proven is ...





15. When conducting a study on the speech development of children of senior preschool age, the purpose of the study was to find ways to improve the efficiency of work on the development of speech in children of 6 years old. What research objectives will meet the goal? (specify 2 answers)

*Study of age-related features of speech development in children of 6 years old; analysis of psychological, pedagogical and methodological literature on the research topic

*Study of parenting styles in the family; analysis of speech characteristics of children's parents

*Identification of ways to effectively implement a combination of various methods in the development of speech in children of 6 years old; selection and systematization of tasks for the implementation of a combination of various methods in the development of speech of children of 6 years old

*Study of age-related features of speech development in children of 6 years old; analysis of the prerequisites for learning a foreign language in senior preschool age

16. The procedure for obtaining scientific knowledge, which allows it to be reproduced, verified and transferred to others, is a scientific ...

17. Psychological scientific research is such a research, ... (specify 2 answers)

*which meets all the main features of scientific research, but has its own specific requirements

*in which scientific significance prevails, as well as a decisive contribution to the study of the problem area is achieved

*which meets all the criteria of scientific research and does not have its own specific requirements

18. A method of scientific knowledge of the essence of mental phenomena and their regularity
Additional Information
37. Representatives of the ... direction considered the experiment to be proof of the existence of a zone of proximal development

38. A kind of experiment, when the experimenter does not directly influence the participants or the conditions of the experiment, but uses already existing groups to study the processes of interest to him, is ...

39. A method of studying a holistic personality, in which, in the course of a dialogue with the subject, the researcher seeks to obtain the most complete information about his individual personality characteristics, is ...

40. Set the correspondence between the types of experiment and their characteristics:

A. Laboratory experiment

B. Natural experiment

C. Formative experiment

D. high accuracy of results

E. relative accuracy of results

F. purposeful influence of the experimenter on the studied mental phenomenon

41. The surname of a Swiss scientist and psychologist, who, within the framework of genetic psychology, spoke of the experiment as a way to prove that children cannot learn changes in conditions - ...

42. Experiment and all its types (natural, laboratory, as well as quasi-experiment) are ... research methods

43. The form that contains information about the document, as well as the results of its analysis (the number of cases in which certain units of analysis are used and the conclusions about the categories of analysis that follow from this) is ... content analysis

44. In the instruction to the researcher involved in the registration and coding of account units in content analysis, ... (specify 2 answers)

*there is no algorithm of actions

*accurately and unambiguously presents the algorithm of the encoder's actions

*the operational definition of categories and units of analysis, the rules for their coding are given

*coding rules are not precisely defined

45. In domestic practice, the content analysis method has become widespread in ...

*60s XNUMXth century

*post-war years

* after the collapse of the USSR

*last decade

46. ​​In order to assess the effectiveness of the bank and adjust its work, it was decided to conduct a content-analytical study, the purpose of which is to assess the information field of the bank for one year. What tasks need to be solved? (Specify 2 answers.)

*Select sources and parameters of media monitoring; determine the dynamics of mentioning the bank for one year; analyze informational occasions; determine the ratio of articles devoted to a given bank to the total number of articles about banks

*Conduct qualitative content analysis and prepare recommendations

*Select the mention of the bank only in magazines devoted to banking; use the entire period of operation of the bank's PR service as the sampling period

*Conduct content analysis, recommendations are optional

47. The source of information in the content analysis method is ...

48. Empirical methods include ...



*content analysis

* abstraction

49. The coding matrix, in which the number of units of the account characterizing the units of analysis is noted, is ... a content analysis card

50. The method of quantitative analysis of the content of written documents, television, radio broadcasts and other types of documents and information by counting some of the elements repeated in them is ...


*content analysis


*direct observation

51. The general table, which summarizes all categories (and subcategories) of analysis and units of analysis, is ... content analysis

52. Typically, the sampling period for which a content analysis study is carried out is ...

*two years

*one year

*one month

*some years

53. The basis for the quantitative analysis of textual material is ...

*unit of analysis

*unit of account

*semantic unit

54. The main disadvantage of traditional document analysis is ...

*subjectivism of the researcher

*inability to cover the entire content of the text

*subjectivism of the author of the document

55. The first examples of using the content analysis method date back to ... the century

56. The use of the content analysis method has become widespread in ...

* era of Enlightenment
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