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… art is an approach in art that involves the involvement of the public in the process of creating a work or in the process of presenting it; "the art of participation"
… a leader is a useful, productive, productive and energetic leader
Among the key performance indicators of a leader, according to Jessica Wishart - ... (specify 5 answers)
For the … leader, the result of a workflow is a change
Individual consideration in leadership implies…
ability to provide support
be a role model for subordinates
ability to motivate subordinates
The art of participation is "the art of..."
expansion of consciousness
of participation
The creative leadership model is built in sequence from ...
learning new strategies for job descriptions
improvisation to communication
taking risks to structure experience
Determine the sequence of stages in the work of an innovation leader
The principle of building mediation: from ...
free conversation to create friendships
self-censorship interviews
monologues for long-term cooperation
The manifestation of ... influence is when the leader acts as a role model for the employees of the organization
Self-analysis of accountability, the degree of development of a future strategy for self-development, the progress in personal skills, habits and productivity, the return on time and money invested in training are key indicators ...
Sensitivity means the ability...
to make decisions
stand on your own
listen and understand
The reward system in the innovation environment is built from…
risk management to reward for results achieved
evaluation of ideas by the leader to the selection of a team according to the level of experience
unified approach to talent allocation
The word "creative" comes from the Latin verb creare, which means "to create", "to create". It is different from the concept of "creative". A creative leader is focused on the process of creating a result that did not exist before. What does a creative leadership style imply?
Creative leadership style suggests one clear path. Creative leader leado harmonious community
Creative leadership style involves improvisation, interactivity. A creative leader learns from mistakes, forms a team for communication and an open system
Creative leadership style involves a clear plan of action without the ability to choose. Creative leader tries to strengthen his authority
Creative power, interactivity, multiple vision of the project - these are the qualities of ... a leader
A leadership strategy that involves a unique, individual approach for each individual employee, with high job satisfaction and high productivity in the team, is indicated by the English abbreviation ...
The theory of R. Wolfe says that the evaluation of the result ... depends on employees, the environment and the support of the leader
Transactional leadership aims to…
maintenance of authority
Transformational leadership involves the ability to...
ignore emotional response
accept everyone's opinion
make necessary changes to the workflow
respect old ways of working
Establish a correspondence between concepts and their characteristics:
Effectiveness in leadership means...
Additional Information
The art team needs to create a spiral of knowledge. Subsidies for employees to take online advanced training courses are already being allocated. What else can be done?

· Organize a podcast in which top managers share their findings on successfully organized projects.

· Create mandatory mini tasks in the form of a game that are built into the weekly mailing of the PR department.

· Map the required skills and abilities for each project, and if they are lacking, select individual mentors for employees who need it.

The team has a task to create a new business card site for the upcoming charity online auction for VIP clients. The team is led by a leader with clearly articulated expectations about how the site should look in keeping with the charity theme. He (she) creates an optimistic atmosphere of communication, reminds often what an important thing they are doing, supports experiments with the technical solutions of the site, although sometimes there are failures in its work, if necessary, speaks in person or asks older colleagues to support those who are engaged in technical solutions . What type of leader's approach to team management is this?


· Transactional


The cultural center is preparing for a festive festival in honor of the New Year. At a meeting of art managers with a leader, a group conflict arises between the two parts of the team, because some believe that it is possible to spend the budget first of all on decorating the room, while others believe that it is better to immediately save money for the fee of the invited presenters. What can a leader suggest to constructively resolve conflicts between groups using a situational approach?

· Join forces to write a document requesting additional funds from public funding.

· Remove from the meeting those participants who cannot decide which group they are more in solidarity with.

· Ignore resentment and end the discussion to avoid further conflict.

The Museum of City N has a problem with a small number of visitors. To increase the level of attendance, the museum staff made a list of tasks: to hire a consultant in a museum in another city to inform those who came on a two-day excursion about the opportunity to visit the satellite museum; increase interest in individual paintings by creating a video about them with the guide's comments; putting up banners or handing out invitations at the station. Which option should be cut in this case?

· The first point, since tourists must have a lot of free time and desire to go to a museum in another city, and not many will spontaneously agree.

· The second point, because in order for employees to shoot a video for each picture, they need to provide equipment, and they must be able to do it.

· The third point, since you need to negotiate with the administration of the station, as well as find money for printing.

You need to implement a creative startup within two years. Using control over OKRs - key goals and objectives, how should you plan your goals?

· Goals are defined for the whole team.

· Set no more than two goals for the planned period of startup implementation.

· Change planning goals every week.

· Adjust annual targets based on quarterly results.

You need to rally the team by instilling a team spirit in it, because you have been placed as a leader in a new project of experimental neoclassical concerts and you have your first performance ahead of you. What will you do for this?

· If team members cannot agree among themselves or are upset, demonstrate positive thinking and have a couple of jokes in reserve.

· If team members cannot agree among themselves or are frustrated, discuss with them the forced changes and consult with everyone.

· Arrange a small buffet to take your mind off problems.

You lead a team with a high level of responsibility, creativity, experience and knowledge. What management style, according to the situational approach of P. Hersey and C. Blanc
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