✅ Minecraft PREMIUM + Change Mail + Game Pass 2 months ✅

Replenishment date: 24.09.2022
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This is your entire "Minecraft" Licensed Account purchased with a new Microsoft account with Mail access!

After the purchase you receive:
• Account from Minecraft Premium: (login:password)
• Mail from Minecraft account (login: password)
• Minecraft: Dungeons and Bedrock edition for free!

Full access gives you the opportunity to:
• Change mail
• Change password from mail
• Change password from your Minecraft account
• Change nickname
• Change of skin
• Change security question
• Control to the account
• Recover your account if attackers stole it or you just forgot your password

Benefits of a licensed premium account:

• At death the inventory is not emptied
• When entering the server there is no inscription * Try in 3 seconds *
• Ability to log into the server, even if it is full
• Play on foreign licensed servers
• Play interesting mods on servers (MineZ, etc.)


!!ATTENTION!! Copy the password with bracket ")" at the end of the password

1. Enter the mail using the link: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2185828 (do not forget to also enter the reserve rambler.ru mail to receive the code)
2. Log in to your account BY THE GREEN BUTTON through microsoft using the link: https://www.minecraft.net/ru-ru/login
3.Download the official launcher
4. We enter the account according to the provided data in the Microsoft Store on the PC and play!

This purchase will be equivalent to buying an official key which costs 1900r. You will have the same new Minecraft account and all the same features.

There are no bans on the servers!
Additional Information
When purchasing this product as a gift, you are guaranteed to receive a Promo Code with a discount for all subsequent purchases!

In order to receive a gift you need:
1) Leave your positive feedback.
2) In this review write "I want a gift".
3) Write in the correspondence with the seller "I Want a Gift"
Feedback (81)
+ 80
- 1
I want a present!
I want a present
everything is fine guys buy
The account is not working. When corresponding with the seller, I didn’t send new data, didn’t pay attention to my message and just sent instructions for logging into my account ..
I did everything perfectly according to the instructions, everything was step by step, the data was given incorrect
Answered you in HP
Until all the rules
Logged into account. but it did not work to change the mail.
So far, everything is top!Access to the account
great seller
So, I'm clearing up the situation on this product. After the purchase, you receive 2 emails in which you can change the password, which basically makes these accounts yours. But GamePass is activated on the account (trial, most likely), in my case it was activated on September 10 and will end on November 10. Due to this, we get all Minecraft and a large library of games, but the question arises of what will happen when the subscription ends, and most likely that access to Mine will be lost.
Everything is better than expected, thank you! I want a present)))
Account is working perfectly, thx to the seller
While everything is fine, as something disappears, I will unsubscribe.
Everything works, everything is great. I hope they don't get hacked in 1-2 months
I bought an account, everything is fine, I recommend
Everything is fine, the account is working!
Amazing A++++
I want a present
Thanks a lot to the seller. Everything works and is great. If the account stops working or something happens to it, I will definitely let you know dear customers. So far everything is great!!!
At first, the account was not working, but then the seller issued a replacement.
if you do not have a valid account, then you definitely need both video evidence and a letter from the mail that the account was restored, otherwise there will be no replacement! In principle, if you have time, then I advise.
I will change the review if the account is restored.
many thanks??
almost a week had to wait for the account, if you have time and nerves, you can take it. the seller is not interested in helping the buyers
Long dealt with the seller.
But all the same, we decided everything if there is time and nerves, then I advise
Excellent product! I buy it many times and everything is fair! I advise. I want a present
I bought an account, but I didn't even buy minecraft on it))
upd: solved the problem, everything works
Good account, you have your first mail from akka. Of the minuses - the seller responds for a long time
I was able to change all the data. Respect to the seller!
Thank you
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