Date of registration: 30.05.2022
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everything is fine, if any difficulties arise, the seller responded immediately
All right. I want a present!
All perfectly.

UPD: Origin reset on the MacBook, but the seller solved the problem in 10 minutes without charging any additional payment. Huge respect, such a responsible approach is rarely seen
Very responsive seller. Helped me with questions about the game, I was annoying, but that didn’t stop me from getting help. The response is great and I will definitely buy another product.
Everything is cool, we paid and everything arrived in the mail right away. If you have any questions, the seller answers immediately. I’m even surprised that such coordinated work, what a thrill, what a thrill the game is??
Everything is fine, they immediately gave me working data, which is quite rare. Operational support
I liked the product. The seller is handsome, if something is wrong he immediately answers and helps to correct the mistake. Thank you very much!
great seller, very helpful
Everything is fine, a person without deception, although the number of purchases is small, I also doubted it like you and took a chance! Everything is clear and works. Take it, you won't regret it.
There were problems with the account, the seller immediately contacted and changed it, everything is fine
There were some difficulties at first, but the seller quickly responded and replaced it, I advise
Everything is fine, there were some minor problems, but the seller quickly resolved everything
came in, everything was cool. There was also a bonus for battles 3, 4, 1, V dropped on my acc. I don’t think I’ll get bored for the next 2 months
Everything works well
The seller responds quickly to requests
I recommend!
All is good
Everything is fine, acc is working)
Thank you very much, everything is installed and working
High level support, you can purchase!
Excellent seller, I rented my account, no one is breaking into my account, I play calmly.
I recommend the seller and his product!!! A good seller, he explains everything - he helps - he doesn’t get angry - everyone would be a salesman like that!!!!!!!!!!
The game works well, great support
Excellent work, fast and high quality. There were some difficulties, but the seller resolved everything very quickly. Thank you very much to the seller for the work!!!!
Due to my mistake, I didn’t activate my account correctly, but support responded quickly and helped me fix the problem. Plus respect. Everything is fair!
Super seller) Will help with any problem
Everything is fine, at first I made a mistake, I entered the ID code not in the application, but on the website, but the seller made concessions and showed a new code, everything worked. Don't repeat my mistakes!!
Everything works, I recommend it for purchase.
The seller is good, if you want to spend a couple of evenings in battle without buying it, I recommend it. The seller solves account problems and responds quickly.
I definitely recommend it, they give you a one-time code during installation, but I successfully missed this point and didn’t save the device when I logged in. The seller got in touch very quickly (literally 5 minutes) and helped solve the problem. I downloaded the game itself in the evening and there were no interruptions. The seller also answered one more question, everything was fast and accessible) I RECOMMEND 100% :)
Everything works fine, in addition to Need for Speed, I found Battlefield 4 on my account :)
one of the best sellers, I recommend it
all top
The seller responds quickly, and upon re-entering the game he sent a new code to enter. I recommend