Interdisciplinary State exam RFEI Accounting analysis and audit 100 c

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State interdisciplinary exam RFEI "Accounting, analysis and audit" 100 questions 2012.
Answers to 100 questions are given, in the form of a table. A separate file contains all the questions.
Questions for comparison:

1. Firm "Leisure" organizes corporate banquets, buffets and catering (restaurant services in offices). On February 20, 2012, the manager of the "Nymph" organization turned to the firm with a request to organize a buffet table for the Defender of the Fatherland Day. On the same day, "Nymph" transferred an advance payment of 6 rubles to the settlement account of the "Dosug" company. Does the cashier of the Leisure firm need to mark this receipt in the Cash Book?
a) yes, since any receipt of funds must be noted in the Cash Book;
b) no, since the deposited amount is an advance, and the cashier will mark it in the Cash Book after the buffet has been paid in full;
c) yes, only if this receipt of money will be formalized using cash registers;
d) no, such receipts are not recorded in the Cash Book, they are displayed in other documents.

2. The Jaguar enterprise is engaged in the production of leather goods. He already has one current account; the company has been working with him for a long time. But for settlements with non-staff employees, it became necessary to open another account in the same bank. The date of the conclusion of the bank account agreement was June 2, 2011. How long does it take for an enterprise to notify the tax office about opening a second account?
a) within 7 days from the date of opening the account;
b) 7 days after the date of opening the account;
c) on the day of opening the account;
d) if the second account is opened with the same bank as the first, then it is not necessary to report to the tax office.


98. Which of the shipping documents is called a bill of lading?
a) railway consignment note;
b) bill of lading;
c) sea waybill;
d) consignment note.

99. In what case is an act of acceptance of goods drawn up in the form of TORG-1?
a) in all cases when the goods arrive at the trade organization;
b) in the event that the goods were received in the quantity and quality that were stipulated by the contract;
c) if the quantity or quality of the goods received differs from the terms of the contract;
d) in the event that the goods are accepted not by the materially responsible person, but by the commission appointed by the head.

100. In order for the trade organization to be able to accept payment for goods from buyers by bank cards, the trade organization must conclude.
a) a purchase and sale agreement with the bank;
b) with each buyer paying for the goods by means of a payment card, a purchase and sale agreement;
c) an acquiring agreement with the bank;
d) a trust agreement with the bank.
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