Final exam RFEI Accounting and analysis of bankruptcies 50 VP.

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Final exam RFEI "Accounting and analysis of bankruptcies 50 questions."
Answers to 50 questions are given, in the form of a table.
A separate file contains all the questions.
Questions for comparison:

1. Choose which of the following persons cannot apply to the court to declare the debtor bankrupt.
a) authorized bodies;
b) employees of the debtor;
c) the debtor himself.

2. Complete the sentence. The bankruptcy case is considered by ...
a) the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation;
b) a court of general jurisdiction;
c) an arbitration court.

3. OJSC “Svet” was declared bankrupt and recognized by the court as incapable of restoring its solvency due to real capital losses. What is the name of this type of bankruptcy?
a) real bankruptcy;
b) fictitious bankruptcy;
c) deliberate bankruptcy.


49. At what stage of bankruptcy can a settlement agreement be concluded?
a) only at the stage of financial recovery;
b) only at the stage of bankruptcy proceedings;
c) at any stage of bankruptcy proceedings.

50. The reason for the bankruptcy of an enterprise is the inability of the debtor to satisfy the claims of the enterprise from the date of payment within:
a) 2 months;
b) 3 months;
c) 1 year.
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