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Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (license key)
2,72 $
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Activated online the first time without any phone calls, thank you very much!
Great seller. Replies quickly
The seller sent the code, but it didn't work. I immediately wrote to the chat, answered within 5 minutes, sent a new one.
Prompt solution to the problem, thank you.
Activation was successful. All OK!
Activated Office Pro Plus 2021 Retail RU by phone
Thank you, I hope it doesn’t crash in the future)
Cool! Thank you. It didn’t fit the first time, but the seller promptly replaced it!
Excellent seller, gave me another key to upgrade the edition from home to pro
All perfectly
Activated, but problems cap
Everything is fine! But the robot almost broke its head when activated)))))))
great person great work great support

what you want you find here

I recommended
Excellent, activated by phone without any problems!
I recommend the seller!
Successful activation by phone.
I received a working key, all problems were resolved quickly. I recommend
From until yesterday today, it has been stealing my time. There is one code, and Microsoft is saying to return the product or contact your seller. I can´t believe that I bought a non-working product, and I can´t even see the messages. I completed all the ridiculous procedures it conveyed to me, and in the end, nothing happened because the product is fake. I contacted Microsoft representative and they said to open a return request. This person is stealing so much of my time. I have many classes, and I want to do them all by Monday, but my time ran out, so I bought a new product, and it´s also faulty. They took my money and stole my time. It´sa shame and a sin to be humiliated for just a few pennies. What kind of seller is this?

I saw the message and you´re not responding. I´ve reported this to the management via email. Why are you such a terrible seller, deceiving people? You´re robbing my money and only satisfying your ego. I bought a product, and you scammed me, it´s that simple. It's frightening how Wmcentre allows this. I won't be shopping on this site again. You´ve taken my money and deceived me.
The buyer bought a key from me. The first key was not working, I made a replacement for it. The replacement was 100% working. After 2 hours and 30 minutes, the buyer writes that the key is not working. I checked the key and it was activated. No one other than the buyer could activate the key. I wrote that you activated the key, in response the buyer said that he did not activate it.

PS Now the buyer has written a whole opus that you can read. The ridiculous procedures that the buyer talks about are activation instructions that every buyer can see before purchasing the product. Regarding the connection with Microsoft, there is nothing to comment on; it was necessary to immediately contact Satya Nadellam. I stopped responding to the buyer’s messages because I already wrote everything to him a couple of days ago. And he continues to spam personal messages.
The seller is contact, he helped with everything, everything went fine
For a very long time I was looking for where to buy a license key for Windows 11, in the end I found this product, at first I couldn’t even believe that you could buy a license key for Windows 11 for only 198 rubles, in the end I bought it, activated this key and everything works! Many thanks to the seller!
very well
Everything's Alright.
Activated via a bot over the phone, the key is working, I recommend it
Activated it the first time, absolutely great!
All is well.
Great, everything worked on Windows 11 Pro. Thank you very much!
What a ridiculous way to victimize people. I spent a nonsensical 2 hours talking to Microsoft, and they told me to return the invalid license or contact the seller to replace it. I think the seller is scamming me. They´re providing fake products and not taking responsibility. It´s normal to contact Microsoft, but isn´t it abnormal for a seller like this to scam people? It´s like a joke. How does wmcentre allow such scams? My trust has been seriously shaken. I will report this to the relevant authorities. I was literally robbed of my $2.05 by this scammer and made a victim. Absolutely do not buy anything from them. Do not let yourself become a victim.

Not to mention that they´re violating marketplace rules, and there are clear exceptions to purchasing rules in the contracts.


This is an important message! This is for your attention.

What a ridiculous way to deceive people. I spent an absurd 2 hours talking to Microsoft and they told me to return the invalid license or contact the seller to replace it. It seems to me that the seller is deceiving me. They provide fake products and are not responsible. It's normal to contact Microsoft, but isn't it abnormal for such a seller to deceive people? This seems like a joke. How does wmcentre resolve such fraudulent activities? My trust is seriously damaged. I will report this to the appropriate authorities. I was literally robbed of $2,05 by this scammer and made a victim. Absolutely do not buy anything from them. Don't let yourself become a victim.

Not to mention, they violate the rules of the marketplace, and the contracts clearly state exceptions to the purchasing rules.

--------------- You´ve found the best way to scam people by adding a fake description note. It´s very funny how Sarici defends himself, everything is proven. Dear marketplace, if you see how many people he sells this product to, check it. I´m sure he continues to deceive everyone in this way.
The scammers have been operating for 2-3 days now and they have occupied me. They use one IP address, make a purchase through one agent and pay with gift cards. They buy an office 2019-2021 with activation over the phone and then they are unable to activate the office, no matter how many times you change the key. And this buyer sent me exactly the same screenshot (the screenshot is unique, it cannot be the same) as another buyer who made a purchase the day before. And then I realized that they were trying to me...