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Replenishment date: 08.12.2023
Manual issue of goods
You may need to contact the seller to receive the item. Carefully read the terms of delivery specified in the product description
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Seller discounts
for all goods
The goods are given a discount for regular customers.
If the total amount of purchases from the seller Total Stake Account is more than:
the discount is: 5%
🔥 0% commission when paying by credit card! ✅

✏️ You get a General account with VSCO PLUS PRO FULL VERSION, from where you can download the application without any problems!
📷 Installation instruction video
🌏 The account is suitable for any country and region!
✅ Our store guarantees you reliability!

📦 By making a purchase you get:
🔑 AppStore account login and password
📚 Simple and clear installation instructions
🔰 Warranty for the purchased goods (in case of incorrect data, we guarantee you a replacement)

🕑 Our store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support responds to messages from "CHAT" and messages from "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" from 08:00 to 00:00
Additional Information

📵 Forbidden:

- Enter data in iCloud (to avoid problems, carefully read the instructions 📖)!
- Buy anything using the provided account 🛒
- Change any information in your account 📝

📑 Additional information:

- Account access is 2 days. ⏰ It is advisable to install everything immediately after receiving the data.
- After installing an application or game, it is not recommended to delete anything. 🗑
- Downloaded applications will work until you delete them yourself. 🙌

⚠️ Please do not leave negative feedback before contacting the seller.

📤 If you have any problems, please contact the seller! Also, every review is very important to us!

Question: How and where will the buyer receive the final product (service)?
Answer: Upon completion of the payment, you will immediately instantly receive the data automatically from our server!
Question: What data the buyer must provide you to receive the goods (services)?
Answer: You do not have to give us any data, the goods are issued automatically!
Question: the maximum period during which the goods will be transferred (service rendered)?
Answer: The data is issued immediately, but if there are any questions or problems with the purchase, we will help guaranteed within a day (24 hours) from the moment of purchase!
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