Train Simulator West Rhine Kln Koblenz Rut steam

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Train Simulator West Rhine Kln Koblenz Route AddOn Steam En

Release date: December 5, 2014
Age rating: 6+
Developer: Dovetail Games
Publisher: Dovetail
Localization: Russian
Activation System: Steam
Region: Ru

The Steam version of Train Simulator is required to run. The stunning scenery of the Rhineland-Palatinate region awaits you in this new route for Train Simulator. This 96 km route connects Germany's 4th largest city, Cologne, with Koblenz, one of the oldest cities in the country. Most of the route runs along the west bank of the Rhine, which gives passengers a great opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of this area of ​​​​western Germany. The first part of the line was opened on February 15, 1844, and was the Bonn - St Pantaleon (former Cologne main station) section. Between 1856 and 1859 the route was extended to Cologne Central Station. Koblenz is an important interchange station for southbound trains to Mainz and France, while Cologne is a station with a daily ridership of more than 280 people, with local, national and international importance. Approximately in the middle of the route is Bonn, the former capital of East Germany, from where ICE trains depart to all corners of the country. The line runs the southern part of the route of the Deutsche Bahn RE000 'Rhein Express' train, which runs between the cities of Emmerich and Koblenz. In addition to Intercity and ICE trains running at hourly intervals, the Regio commuter trains operate on the line, as well as many freight trains. Even historical museum trains can be found among this busy traffic. Passengers traveling between the two major cities of Cologne and Koblenz have the opportunity to see medieval buildings and fortresses located along the route, leisurely passing river barges, large freight fleets of Bruhl and Bonn-West stations, and also the famous DB Museum at the station Koblenz-Lötzel, located in a former depot near the main course of the route. The route also includes the DB BR 5 electric locomotive and the double-decker (Doppelstock) cars of the RE146.0 'Rhine Express' train. In addition, the package includes a diesel locomotive DB BR 5 with freight cars, as well as an electric locomotive DB BR 294 with passenger cars. Scenarios: Day shift
Winter trip to Remagen
Drive up to Bonn in a storm
Overnight trip to K?ln
Empty containers in K?ln
Commodity on Andernach
Features: 96 km route K?ln - Koblenz passing through Bonn
22 passenger stations and stopping points located in the historical cities of the West of Germany
Large freight stations at Bruhl and Bonn-West
DB Museum in Koblenz- Lötzel
DB BR 146.2 with double deck commuter cars
DB BR 294 with freight cars
DB BR 101 with passenger cars
Route Scenarios
Compatible with Quick Play Mode
Size of uploaded files: 1 959 MB
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