Drug addiction is a test of spiritual consistency. 3 volumes.

Replenishment date: 25.07.2008
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At the beginning of his "drug journey" everyone thinks that he will never become a slave to drugs, he will not allow it.
Everyone thought so: those who are no longer alive; those who are now suffering from withdrawal symptoms and are not ready to do everything for the next dose. Those who only tried a drug for the first time today think so too ...
To conquer a disease, you need to understand its nature. The author of the theory of transference psychoanalysis presents his view of this problem and suggests ways to solve it through answers to numerous questions. How do addictions appear in the body, psychological and spiritual spheres? What is the nature of their degradation? How can you prevent drug addiction? What exercises can you use to get out of it? How can you help yourself, your child, your friend, or your work colleague to strengthen your psychological and spiritual health? - this is the nature of the presentation of the practical manual. It is intended for conversations "on an equal footing" in the family, in a team, for extracurricular activities at school and for those who themselves decided to get rid of various kinds of addictions, for specialists who are engaged in team building and conflict prevention.

We offer this book to everyone, to all those who, at least once in their lives, have experienced on themselves, or on their loved ones, the full severity of this ailment - Drug Addiction.

Before closing this page, think, remember if there are any drug addicts among your acquaintances. Or people who are dependent on something. This book will give answers to many questions, suggest solutions to problems, and you will see that any ailment, including drug addiction, can be prevented or cured.
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