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BC: THE W. DEAD 💎 [ONLINE EPIC] Full access + 🎁

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Upon purchase, you will receive an Epic Games Store Account with Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead (DLC may be available). Data is issued from the Epic Games Store account + data from the mail that is linked to it. There will be a delay on the account to change mail (from 1 to 3 months). You can change your account password and settings.

Product warranty - 7 days from the date of purchase.

For positive feedback after purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a gift:
An Epic Games Store account with a random game is completely free. To do this, leave a good review with the message "Gift", after which you will be contacted to issue an account.

✅ The account will have Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.
✅ In 95% of cases, there will be other paid games on the account.
✅ The lowest price on the market.
✅ There are no locks.
✅ Full access.
✅ You can play Online with your friends.
✅ The product is not an Epic Games Store digital activation key. You get access to the Epic Games Store account with the game purchased on it.
✅ Very often there are good Epic Games Store accounts with expensive games, donations, etc.

Enjoy the shopping! Don't forget to leave your positive feedback)
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