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very good thx you
Wonderful seller, very helpful!
Everything is fast and clear!
Everything is fine, this is not the first time I buy. But these are just used accounts, so keep in mind that the statistics on Hypixile may not be zero.
I bought it in January, it still works as it should, the acc is a little used, the stats on the hypixel are not great, but not critical, in any case, I bought an additional Optifine raincoat and am enjoying life
The seller sent the key immediately after payment. but activating the key will force you to spend a lot of time and nerves if you don’t have a VPN with a choice of the Turkish region. But you say the seller has an activation service, so the seller responded 17 hours after the purchase and now you need it. but now I have minecraft for 2k rubles (not 1770rub) and for the same amount VPN with Turkish regions. I DO NOT RECOMMEND
Before writing a negative review, did you try to contact us by correspondence and then wait for a response? We are not robots, we cannot sit at a PC 24/7. We try to respond to all customers as quickly as possible.
The description says that a Turkish VPN is required for activation. What do we have to do with how much it costs? By the way, there are free VPNs with Turkey, we should wait for an answer.
Good seller
good seller
got the key working
everything was quickly activated
At first I thought that the seller deceived me, but in fact I received the goods, I recommend it!
I received the account, everything is fine, I managed to bandage it
Super & Fast
The key works! Everything is fine :)
In general, it’s awesome, the license was activated the day I bought it, so the account is clean and everything’s a bitch
Everything is fine! Thank you
top! everything is working
Very good product! I paid, everything works.
Nice !!
Imba bought an account, even initially there was no nickname. The quality is up to par!
Everything is fine, the seller did not deceive me, and also helped me with changing the mail, great respect to the seller!
Verified seller, all accounts are working
I approve and recommend
It took me a long time to put it together, but I put it together, it still works, I gave it to the account immediately, I transferred it and the stat stat is 0 and everything works, I’m not a bot, I’m a human, this is not a scam, not how you buy a mine for 100 rubles, in short, I’m very happy if you have money, buy it from the seller
Works like a Swiss watch
I express my deep gratitude to the seller)
everything is super
Nice seller, got mvp+ account as requested
Good, working account provided
EVERYTHING IS SUPER, everything works,