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Thanks, all is well!
everything is fine!!!
All activated. Thanks to the seller)
All is well
Sold as a standalone game, but in fact it is an add-on. Added to the title (DLC) only after a negative review. They said I didn't look closely. Because of this position of the seller, I will not delete the review.
This is stated in the description. You are the one who blames only other people, but not himself. And you have to blame yourself for carelessness.
Good luck.
super good
Thank you for your help :)
Thanks, activated on ru account without vpn.
Everything is super thank you waiting for a gift
Everything is cool! Thanks
best price
key work
everything went perfectly
Everything is fine.
It really works, I saved 40 rubles (it costs 50 rubles to pay)
All is well.
Thank you! Activated, VPN USA!
The account turned out to be working and with the PRIME function. Thank you!
Excellent product
All right.
The seller quickly replaced the non-working product. I recommend
Everything came, the seller is handsome;)
things are good
everything is fine. Thanks!
Everything is fine, instant delivery of goods.
took all super games
everything is fine, there was a small problem, but the seller helped
Everything went well the first time. Feel free to take. Don't forget VPN.
First, they gave me an account where the games were already collected, but when I wrote to the seller, they gave me a working account with games.