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The description of the product states that the account after the purchase will be completely mine, but after payment I went to the account and someone was already playing there. Seller ignores messages. I do not advise
Terrible attitude towards customers. I absolutely do not recommend the seller. Not responding for the 5th day after replacing the account. As I noted from the reviews - this is not an isolated case. Bad 10 out of 10
scammer! DO NOT BUY, Account doesnt work and no reply
Login information is not correct!
The seller ignores more than SEVEN days and does not issue an account !!!!
I bought an account and I can't log into it
replaced, all is well
I bought a set, not included in the epic and mail
non-working account not replaced
on 2 accounts was wack
3 replaced, someone had access and played on the account
Achieved a 24-hour lockdown
And gave vak
I am completely dissatisfied with the seller
Great seller
All issues resolved
The passwords did not fit, but the seller quickly fixed everything. Thanks ??
Everything is fine, the seller replaced the product with a working one quite quickly and efficiently
As some kind of paradox, at first they couldn’t give me an account normally for more than a week, and now they’ve also been hacked, although I had a new mail and it was protected, I think the seller may be involved
account received with a ban on magic rust and on a couple of servers, the account was already used with cheats, let's look at the next event
I bought the product, I used it, everything is fine!
We wrote off the seller, everything is fine, there was a hitch, everything was fixed
The seller is good
everything is good
All good so far
Good afternoon, I bought an account from you, everything is fine ????
seller gave replacement 2weeks
Issued an account but not immediately
Everything is great. There were difficulties with the change of mail, but everything worked out. Thank you!
things are good
All perfectly
All good, I recommend
Thank you seller
He is a great seller, he is very interested. The account password was wrong and it gave me 2 separate accounts by itself. Despite the fact that I am constantly texting, he answers me and solves my problems, never getting bored. THIS IS THE BEST PERSON ON THE PLATFORM!