Date of registration: 08.04.2019
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top, everything is fine.
It's alright
They came
All perfectly
Everything is fine, the seller helped with the activation. Who does not work out - instead of Argentina, try Turkey.
The seller performed his work qualitatively at 100%, but there is a nuance:
If you, like me, needed the exact amount, for example, 500 rubles, remember that when converting currency from RU to USD, you may lose part of this amount and not 500, but 480-490 will fall on your wallet, when replenishing, add to the required the amount from 5 to 20%, taking into account the fluctuations in the dollar, the seller’s fault is not here, otherwise he would have worked in the red.
Once again, I would like to thank you for your service.
Everything is in order, they threw even a little more than the agreed amount
2 times ordered, the seller is good

PS if it does not come, write to the seller again, everything came to me like this.
Everything is super!
Everything works, thank you
Thank you for the replacement!
I bought minecraft, it works fine, but on hype ban -_-
and the seller is not responding :(
after a couple of days the seller answered and I received a replacement :)
thanks for the replacement
Replacement issued
All is well
After buying an account, the seller did not respond to messages for 5 days, but there was a problem with changing his nickname. After writing a negative review, he immediately began to stir and got in touch. after confirming the impossibility of changing the game nickname, the seller provided a new username and password. Good luck to all.
After a few days of correspondence. changed username and password! almost satisfied with the purchase! thanks to the administration
Everything is ok, but the seller will take a long time to answer
Bought, the account was not working, wrote to the seller, ignores 2 hours
Everything is clear, the seller is adequate, he helped to deal with the situation, not a scam, I advise
all perfectly!
Everything is very high quality, good support!
Great, changed the account, thanks
Two substitutions were banned on the high-pixel. Replaced, everything works fine, thanks!
the account was banned, but they made a replacement.
Initially, they gave incorrect data, waited 3 days, writing a negative review. After that I was given the correct username and password.
Conclusion: I do not advise taking accounts from this seller
you can issue a new lmc I can’t enter
everything came well,
thank you
Everything is super everything works as promised
the account is valid, even a little fat