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The buyer is so adequate that he didn’t give up in difficult times, helped even in an unrealistic situation, I definitely recommend buying and the price is the most reasonable on the market
not usa bin BELGIUM
The review is not justified, if the buyer does not delete it, the moderator will delete it after 3 days.
Everything is working! Is it tied to a microsoft account!??
+ rep
everything is simple as hell!!!
Excellent, everything worked the first time
Everything works fine, thanks
I didn’t manage to activate it myself, there was a mistake on my part, but the seller helped and did everything, handsome!
The map works, everything is good :)
at first there were hitches, but the seller helped
Map working
The card is not working. If not suitable for old accounts - this should be written in the product description BEFORE buying
The cards are working, they are suitable for old accounts, the person is crooked, spammed his account with a large number of unsuccessful bindings of the generated cards, and now nothing is attached to him.
A person flies in an emergency, and the cards, as always, work.
I also bought a card a week ago) Go already tied to the maximum number of accounts, and decided to return my pennies)
The seller did not indicate that only a new battery in which there was no card binding
OK, it worked
Map is working
All is well
The product is good, thanks to the seller, it helped to activate the card, it answers quite quickly
I think he is a real man! I bought a fucking key, and it had to be activated through another card. This is where I got a little carried away! I was looking for a very long time how to activate this garbage, but this man helped me a lot! Here I can definitely download that I love him, because he sykongmil my time!
everything is working