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everything is ok, everything works
Everything is fine, the seller answered immediately!
all is well
The seller is reliable, I had to wait a couple of days, but everything started and works without errors, thanks!
Everything is working.
All is good. The seller is good.
Everything is fast and clear, I recommend!!!
I could enter very fast; the seller replies fast, it is not the first time i buy here, recommend it
Great Seller
the seller is polite. Thanks for the game
disappeared again
Hello, there are a lot of clients, I don’t have time to answer everyone at once, please write to me as often as possible so that I can answer you as soon as possible.
Everything works, thank you.
everything is fine, fixed)
The instructions are clear, Atomic passed without problems and crashes (we make or download a bat file that kills explorer.exe). Plus, I rode in the NFS Unbound and went through the battle (although it is indicated that EA is not included in the package, but it works).
Many thanks to the seller, the best purchase for 80 rubles in my life!
There were small problems, but the Pradovets very quickly helped to solve everything, for which many thanks to him, I enjoy the game, I put 10/10 Pradovets, I advise everyone!
thanks to the seller, after a few mistakes everything worked, excellent quality, I recommend
All is good
Everything is working.
The seller rarely responds and needs a code to the EA account but the seller took a long time to reply to you for further instructions
Hello, I'm sorry I wasn't there. Now I'm here, waiting for your answer.
I saved a lot of money, I bought it when it was released, I finished it already, the response from the seller was fast and I did not have any problem with the game
Recommended, I bought it a month ago and I already finished it
The game started without problems.
Everything is super!
Everything came quickly and works exactly as it should.
There were problems right away, but they found a compromise with the seller and I was satisfied with the product)
Downloaded right away, thanks.
Accounts periodically fly off, the first time I replaced it with grief in half, the second time I read it and is silent.
Ps I solved the problem, issued a new account.
Everyting is ok. Thanks
Everything started, the activation went without problems.