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The key doesn't work
Everything is fine! I bought it, you can play in a couple of minutes, special thanks for the fast technical support!
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Perfect immediate activation 100% online!
Everything is fine, it’s been working fine for months!
The flight has been normal for half a year, I recommend it
I recommend the seller. At first there was the wrong code. The problem was fixed immediately. Everything worked
I did not receive the goods, the key is not active, they sent me both times!
The buyer is a deceiver, he received a replacement - they checked with him, is he ready to activate right now? said ready

as a result, after 2 hours he writes - oh, I just entered it now.
everything is fine
The description is not true, I bought a KIS key, the antivirus was already installed from the official site. The purchased key, after inserting it into the antivirus, told me the following: Invalid activation code.
Having written to the seller about this problem, he informed me that the KIS downloaded from the official site is not suitable?!?!?
The buyer does not understand the version of the antivirus for which he purchased the key, he only figured out how to leave a review
The first key did not fit, support answered quickly, they sent a new one and everything is ok! For such money I recommend!
The license was activated, the seller issued a replacement. I recommend to buy.
Everything works great! I recommend the seller!
Everything worked out the second time.
the first key did not fit, the seller answered instantly. issued a new key and everything works thanks
Great seller! Everything fast and efficient!!
It worked after the second try, thanks!
I bought repeatedly both office, and Windows, and Kaspersky. Everything always went well. Support responds normally during business hours. The main thing is to read the instructions on what and how to do
Everything is clear and not the first 10 times
While everything works.
thanks, all worked well
There were some minor issues, but everything was resolved.
the key was activated for a year, you can take it.
It all worked.
We missed the instructions to remove the old office and install a new one, as it turned out that he himself suggested doing an update. After update, according to the instructions, they completed it.
Thank you!
Thank you