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Everything works, read carefully the instructions that are sent, there is activation by phone via the command line.
They promptly changed the key and gave me a current number for activation (activation only by phone)
The seller was very helpful and fast behind her product, thank you.
It says that activation is online in the title and it is a lie. activation is by telephone
Hello! Activation according to instructions.
i would like to refund Please

i bought the wrong key i didn´t use it
Hello! Keys are not returnable goods
Key not working, already activated
Hello! You have been sent instructions for activation.
Don't work key
The key is working, activation is needed according to the instructions. Instructions sent in a message
Thank you, it has been activated
It just didn’t work, I wrote to the buyer, answered within two hours, explained everything and everything was activated via the phone, it works.
Everything went well, thank you very much!
Activated. Great.
OK! I recommend immediately for slmgr, slui 4
Not working key
Hello! You have been sent activation instructions. If it doesn't work, we'll issue a replacement.
the key does not work, as the replacement comes, I will change the review!
Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience, this happens. You have been given a replacement.
The key didn't work.
Hello! We're sorry, this happens. A new working key has been issued to the client.
+ rep
The key has been activated. But you need to pass the quest.)
They gave me the key to home Windows and did not replace it!
Hello! The replacement has been issued to the customer.
Everything is fine. Activated by phone
The first key was not valid! The seller replaced.
Thank you. Everything went smoothly the second time.
Key used(
Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience provided. You have been given a replacement key.
the key was used on another device and the commission out of 50 made 100 rubles
Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience! You have been given a replacement!
Activation key not working
Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience provided. You have been provided with a replacement and activation instructions! Thank you for your purchase!
I bought a key for W11 pro, for some reason the computer categorically refused to accept this key. I wrote to the seller, he provided me with another key without any additional purchases and he came up. I recommend it, since not all sellers would have done this and could generally accuse me of a mistake