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Works great??
I noticed that it doesn´t need a vpn after activate the the the redeem
Everything is great the first time
family plan is full ((
Understanding the situation
10 hours have already passed, the goods have not been issued, support is making excuses about waiting 24 hours, and they are being sarcastic, they don’t know how to talk to the client about everything

PS I answered at night when people are sleeping that the goods are issued within 24 hours, about 30 hours have passed, the goods have not been issued, I demand a refund, people do not buy from this seller, all reviews from him are most likely custom-made, so think for yourself
We place orders within 24 hours
it works
The seller is excellent. I went in without any problems. I highly recommend it;)
Brothers, do not buy this pure scam unless you live directly in the USA. Changing the region and so on do not help here. I do not recommend buying, the seller is a pure charlotan.
The buyer makes purchases without reading the description of the product not for his region. The review is unfounded.
Swear words and insults in correspondence
Working great
code expired
We are waiting for the requested evidence
they don't give you login and password
All data from the purchased account was given to the buyer automatically in full. Why he doesn’t see them, we have no idea...
everything went good
Full crap
The buyer did not explain anything, leaving only a review. Also, apparently without reading the description of the product he is buying....
bad service
We expect the buyer to provide the requested information
No problem, I recommend it
Everything is super
Everything perfect as always!
Everything perfect as always!
Codes do not work
We are waiting for the requested evidence
Codes do not work
We are waiting for the requested evidence
Everything is fine, the seller is responsive
I received the key, linked it to my account and downloaded the software package from the link. In my personal account there is a record of the purchase; after payment, problems arose that the seller solved within XNUMX hours. I recommend it!
I bought 10 codes with 400k bloodpoints, I received them instantly and they all work
I bought a second account for a friend, everything is fine, my account has been working for half a year, thank you
good product good seller
The key arrived instantly, the office was activated and linked to the account. In your personal account account, you can see the purchase, everything is official, you can buy for both enterprises and personal use. Microsoft sent a letter of gratitude for the purchase of their product. Everything is fine.
Don't get in touch
We respond within 24 hours, the buyer left feedback 2 hours after purchase
The key arrived and everything works without problems.