Date of registration: 16.01.2022
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Instant delivery, the key works, everything is activated
Sends used keys.
In any case, you will be faced with the need to write and ask for a key.
I bought a key, said that I would activate it the next day, and also asked if everything would be fine with the key. Because there is no desire to write and wait again.

The next day I installed the office, tried to activate it and got a bolt.
The key is invalid, the activation phone told me to go for a walk with this key.
I contacted the seller, but he was silent.
There was no time to wait because the laptop was leaving.
As a result, I had to buy it elsewhere and for 100 rubles (Avito)
There the seller responded quickly.
The saga with this seller is not over; instead of returning the money, this radish is sending more keys. Apparently his greedy nature is so stingy that he decided to shower him with keys (probably used again)

In general, if you want to use used keys and waste time, then please contact this weirdo with the letter M.

For those who want to profit, here are the keys that he threw off:

Office 2021 Pro Plus
Key: HN7FK-PG928-9QM3F-JK4Key :

Office 2021 Pro Plus


Possibly used.

I highly recommend not contacting.
Even if you activate, after a while you will lose the key that this stubborn guy will send you.

Does not work
The seller helped activate it, it's worth the money! Thank you!
very good seller
everything works, the seller quickly resolves issues, activation by phone
I bought a key, everything worked the first time, the office was activated through the instructions by phone number, like
all good , activated from first time only maybe bad thing if you need fast support , support is little slow but if you don’t need so fast response it’s okay.
All is good. The seller is smart! Windows was activated via the Internet without problems. There were problems with the office, but the seller promptly provided a spare key. Activate the office via phone according to the instructions.
Everything is great, I recommend it. The first time it didn’t work, the seller sorted everything out
There is no “link” to Office, as indicated in the product name, that is, this license is not displayed in the “Subscriptions” section in your Microsoft account. Therefore, after changing hardware, you will have to purchase a new license of the same type. The seller agreed to the meeting and is ready to solve the problem when changing hardware.
Everything is activated) Thank you very much)
Everything is fine. The keys are activated without problems. There were questions, the seller responded promptly. I recommend!
This is the fifth time I buy. Here's the key. Everything always works
Everything was done on time and quality was activated via a phone with the Internet turned off
Quick response from the seller to questions. Office activation was successful.
the key is correct, linked to the account
I was able to activate everything through the operator, the first key did not fit, the seller promptly replaced it, everything was great!
very good seller
They sent me another code. Everything was successfully activated over the phone!
This is not the first time I buy from this seller. There have never been any problems. I recommend. Very responsible for his reputation.
activated by phone calmly
thank you
there was a problem, but it was resolved quickly
Everything arrived and it works!
Thank you! Activation by phone was successful.
after payment I received a key and instructions, if I can’t activate through the site, it didn’t work out for me, because the robot on the phone said that the key was not valid, they gave me a replacement and it didn’t work either, I won’t try to ask for the key anymore, I’ll look elsewhere
Thank you!
Everything is fine. This is not the first time I've taken it. Activated everything without problems
This is not the first time I have purchased, everything is fine.
All OK