Date of registration: 16.09.2021
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When entering, it asks for a code from the mail that the seller does not provide
Answered in HP
the seller responded a day later everything works
They answered within 5 minutes, everything was provided, I recommend!
I was not sent a password by mail
Your details have been sent to the email address you provided.
I need a verification code for my account
Answered in PM. Make a request
Everything works fine
You can trust!
everything works, I advise everyone
The product meets the expected requirements! The seller is good, everything is fast and clear. I advise you to cooperate with this seller! Feel free to purchase the goods, I personally checked. ! 12.07.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX
I bought this product, the seller answered quickly and helped to figure it out.
I advise everyone!
The seller is top, promptly responds, the goods are working!
I do not recommend buying this account here. I could not get a premium account for a month. you will get a regular account without premium at best.
The seller answers in 2-3 days after you write to him. sometimes they will answer faster.
Ultimately, the seller was never able to provide me with a premium account.
The seller only made a partial refund, I received less money than I paid.
The seller also closed the chat so that he could not be written to.
Extremely dissatisfied with the purchase.
I did not leave a negative review, I feel sorry for him.
If you want to buy a premium account, don't take it here, save your time and money. I answer.
I got the impression that the seller does not even know what a premium account looks like.
I used to buy from another, they gave me an account with a premium and a replacement during the warranty period without any problems.
It's kind of a bummer here. Correspondence dragged on for a month, and I did not receive the goods that I bought.
If you can't sell a normal product, then don't sell it.
Why bother people?
Everything is super !!!
Everything is working!
Everything is super, excellent seller, helped me in everything!
Everything went very quickly, the seller helped in case of an error
Sold an expired premium account.
In a text box with a username and password, I received a threat with the condition from the seller "If negative feedback is left without writing a message to the seller in the LAN and without waiting for a response = blacklist and blocking."
Thank you, that's what I'm sending to the emergency. Since you didn’t even write to me in PM to get a replacement or help. Received a replacement within a few minutes.
Everything went great!
things are good
Everything is fine, I recommend the seller
All perfectly
good service!
Long, but it will do
good seller, everything came quickly, the seller responds quickly. I advise
requires code
Thank you for solving the issue with the seller
The goods arrived, everything is fine