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Works! Thumbs down put dolbo..y, not read the conditions!
Game not activated
imagine i spent a lot of time reconnecting to the account
every time steam guard is activated on this account and must wait a few hours to be disabled
every 2 minutes they kick from the account
even when i overdid it and finally installed the game it doesn't work at all
playing the game after installation is not available as described
activation is not available at all
I'm just wasting money on a very useless account
It's not even suitable for downloading the game
The game won't start as described.
I can not play the game it says that there is crash report and a link it says that : ´´You can no longer authenticate on new devices´´ i waited 24 hour same problem I need help this is my acc
user; RESIDENTevil4rdeygtzw03
password ; FXVCUQSPw03
Steam guard is on and seller turn it off
it's work thank u<3
Don´t buy
I had some problems
But the seller helped solve them
For which many thanks
steam guard
There were problems with the entrance, but the seller is in touch, I solved all the problems, now I can play safely, thanks
Seller is Super Nice and it works
Account not working seller not responding
I launched the game, but the method is very dreary.
the seller enters the account
Be aware guys, you have to wait 15 days after payment to play the game.
no need to wait. activation occurs immediately
23.03 I went to the account to check, the game is there, today after the release it asks for the guard code, the seller is in touch, the current is when the review is bad, the steam guard is turned on or off, it’s still a crap, I don’t advise this seller
The game has not been activated. The seller does not respond for several days.
Game downloaded and launched
steam guard
Very bad service. The merchant takes a long time to respond, and the accounts have many problems, such as: STEAM GUARD
Everything turned out great! It just takes patience. The seller is excellent!
Don´t waste money on this, buy from other, this one is a cash grab with only one ID for 80+ people XD
No code in account
Everything resolved the next day, be patient as the queue is very long, it is a long awaited game, with patience the seller will help you with what is necessary, be online with him so that things are resolved faster, I just have to thank you support
Start (starting is not playing) 1 first time in online mode to link with the pc, then alt + f4 and switch to offline mode on steam, everything will work normally
After some issues managed to get into the game with help from seller.
There were problems with logging into the account, I wrote to the seller, quickly answered and helped!
Highly recommended seller..
1 acc did not enter, wait for the activation of the game for 24 hours, the seller made a replacement for the account instantly! Everything is fine, I recommend this seller!