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good seller
Amazing seller I had issues but came back instantly to help
Everything went fine, I recommend the seller.
insta delivery, account works and tutorial it was very helpfull
I want a present
The seller sent it right away, I tried it on pc and xbox one s, it works, thank you very much, i want a gift
+ + +
Fast and high quality, everything is clearly explained thanks to the seller
I want a present
In general, I logged into the account, but I never managed to launch the game, I’ve been trying to launch it all day, only it gives an error
Works! and the help is very fast
Problems are solved very quickly, the subscription has ended - they issued a new acc, the instructions are detailed, the price is lower than competitors. I highly recommend this seller!
Great seller. Everything is fine. I want a present
reliable and fast
All is well thanks
everything is fine, the seller just turns out instant feedback, very nice, thank you
Works from the first time.
Everything is fine! The seller answers mega-smartly. Everything is clear and accessible. I advise.
Great seller.
The first account received has queue.... seller immediately changed account and game worked ! thanks??
I bought the game, could not be activated for some time due to protection. The seller gave me another account without any problems. I recommend!
Great seller, at first I had some difficulties but everything worked out.
Thank you very much, everything helped
Launched the game, the seller is always in touch :)))
It's working?
Not changing changing the accounts every minute
give a replacement