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The game is present.
Mail does not change, the seller ignores for a day after I asked for a replacement
Submit your video. You have accepted the terms. That the purchase includes screen recording from the moment of purchase
complete crap first level acc and that's it
There are skins on the account, from 10 boxes which were purchased
Do not try to log into yandex log into epik games! Everything is working
I bought an account, I thought it was a lie.
I thought the reviews were winding, I thought that I would buy at all and after a while they would change the data.
In fact - It turned out that this is NOT a deception, you can safely buy and change the password.
For me, personally, there were no problems with changing the password.
I am happy with the purchase, changed the data, thanks to the seller!
yes it really works if that the first mail and the second password
Everything is fine!!
Nice account. Which will be restored because the game was obtained by the seller on a free distribution. Satisfied with the seller
I have long wanted this game for myself and bought
5 minutes have passed.
Everything is fine there is a battle pass
Thanks, everything works!)
Thank you seller!
I didn't deceive, that's right, there is a pass.
In general, I advise you to give 35 rubles for a pass!
Thank you, the legendary fell on Mirage. I'm going to play))
Everything is fine, but the legendary did not fall