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I'm waiting for a gift
I'm waiting for a gift
Seller fixed account problems promptly.
good seller +rep

The seller promptly fixed the problems with the account.
good seller +rep
Everything is great! A lot of games on the account and helped to deal with the problems. I recommend!
He doesn´t give me any profile, don´t buy from this seller, he is a thief
all right )
The data did not fit, I'm waiting for an answer, they gave a replacement, everything is fine
Password did not work the first time but the seller replaced the account immediately. All good, recommend buying!
Don't buy from him
he is a liar
all ok
the first time the password was wrong, they replaced it, now I'm downloading the game.
Good product and the seller promptly helps with any problem, obviously buying
There were problems, but the seller solved everything. You can buy
The account stopped working after 2 weeks, but the seller replaced it anyway. good product
Bought access to the account, everything works, everything is fine
After payment, you get a non-working account, you wait 3 days and they replace it for 4, then you play 1 time and the account password flies and again you have to wait for the seller's response during the day 10/10 change reviews) Better not waste money on this breeder and buy coffee
so far everything is fine, if the password is changed I will write
Everything is good
The seller still answered, replaced the account, everything is fine
Password changed after 2 days. Thrown away money. Replaced after a month
so far so good
Cool game! I advise everyone. The seller is super! Responded quickly and helped resolve all issues.
There were difficulties, but the seller solved everything
The seller promptly answered questions, it plays super through GFN
Great seller!
-rep account is not valid, replacement never happened. The seller takes time to replace, writes tomorrow I will provide another account. I do not recommend taking.
password is wrong, please refund my money
I bought 2 accounts, and there are the same data. a person resells the same product, while "+ GIFT ??" there was none. I'm too lazy to write to the seller so that he throws off some kind of The Sims ™ 4 as a result. I didn't notice the note about offline activation, in any case, I'm disappointed, but I'll give a good rating. if the data is not relevant, then the seller changed the product to another one.

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