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After 2 months, the account was restored, the seller viewed, but does not respond to the message. The seller replaced the item.
good seller! Recommended
I bought an ac and played for 1 day, I look at the trail and they play there, the next day the patrol arrives COOL the seller does not answer ....
Got a ban himself and now writes something
The person does not respond to messages, the account is not working
Open the manual, everything works
The seller does not respond to messages, does not issue a guard (it seems that he immediately issued me and another person) I demand a refund, the conflict has been resolved
I changed all the data, everything works fine
Everything's good. I recommend it!
From the beginning I didn’t understand how to install all this, where to change mail, etc., but still I figured it out, then I jumped out (rockstar games launche initialization error), reinstalled Windows, since it turns out the profile should contain only English letters and it all worked, thanks to the seller I will recommend!!!!!
Blocked account!!!!!!
After 2 days of use, I requested mail, the seller responds for a long time
Yesterday I bought an account, today I go in and start playing and a patrol flies to me, I do not recommend it, I demand a refund!
for what, for the fact that you received a ban for the day?
Work fine...
Incorrect username and password, n comes in!
I sold the account, which I sold to another guy, gave another account as a replacement, on which they played with cheats, threw proofs, gives back, supposedly I deleted the account, and at that time I no longer owned the account because the LEFT TYPE TO WHICH HE SOLD THIS SAME ACCOUNT got a vac on it for using cheats, deleted this account
I'm waiting for proofs
All data came, everything works, mail changed without problems. Thank you for the goods!!!
Everything works perfectly.
Fast and everything work! RECOMMEND
hey i can´t play the game I´ve been waiting a day the error too many computers still comes up I already installed it and reinstalled it still doesn´t work
Fixed problem
After 3 and a half days of torment and attempts to launch the game, the seller replaced the account and everything started up, in general, they didn’t throw and didn’t deceive, the only thing, I advise you to be patient, because the seller does not respond immediately.
Well, as expected, I bought an account on 10.09.2022/20/25 57:21.10.2022:23, 00/XNUMX/XNUMX XNUMX:XNUMX the password has already been changed on the account, excellent seller)
Prime is present, thank you.
DOES NOT WORK!!!! shorter hat. Even after I downloaded the vpn myself from the fifth time, I launched it, at first the password didn’t fit, and when everything seemed to work, then the vpn itself, when you turn it on, just cuts off the Internet and that’s it! what's on the phone what's on the computer do not waste money the seller is inadequate finished
It works, open the instructions!
I went into the game, but I can’t change the mail and password, it sends the code to the mail, but I don’t have access to the mail. login and password from the game is not suitable for mail, I'm waiting for the seller's feedback
You would open the instruction, there is nothing to answer
The account is working, the seller helped.
I paid and received the product immediately. I recommend !!!!!!