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Date of registration: 26.11.2019
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It doesn´t open at all, I tried for hours
follow these instructions
everything is great!!!! everything works !
the best software!
the best software!
I often buy it, victories with a bang!
Bx and Aim are fine, it works fine!
good chea
Very good cheat support normal 8/10
Everything is fine, after the problem they helped me with its solution.
Cheat gives error of invalid license, developer has blocked me from messaging on Telegram and is ignoring my messages to the issue.

Update: Has replaced my key due to reporting him, but the cheat crashes everytime. I asked him about it but he has since blocked me from contacting him on Telegram & Discord.

Proof: |
The user is a spammer. After that, he was blocked for this. He had a problem with activating the key - we replaced his key for him.
it said testing/detected so why still put on sale, you didnt mention on sale site as welll
please refund
The program is fully updated and working. I do not know what you want to convey through this review.
There were problems, some functionality does not work, but in general, admins partially solved the problems. The product is suitable.
be the pink of perfection
Ban arrived on the second day.
Play carefully next time.
often crashes
no need to lie, esp works great.
They blocked the account after a couple of minutes of use, and in training.
It means it didn't start correctly -_-
Responsive administration.
Excellent software.
I want to express my gratitude to the team of "Dream Hack" and "AquilaCheats" for providing high-quality software for games. Especially for their help and understanding of the client in different situations. I didn't have big problems with the software, and the "Dream Hack" and "AquilaCheats" team helped me set everything up and even compensated for the usage time, although it was my fault. Well done guys, you have a very strong customer focus!!! 100 stars for quality out of 10!!!
well done, everything works fine
my account is banned
Play carefully next time.
fsio rabotaet, balshoi plius to shto aplata iz liuboi country
aquila are the worst cheats on the market, inconvenient launch, instructions written with errors, account ban is careless from the first launch of cheats from this company in any game warface 2 games, apex 3 minutes, green inscription andetect does not say anything
if you are banned, it does not mean everyone is banned.
Everything is super, I recommend
good work!
The game freezes.
Please give me a refund.
We do not refund money for working programs. Before leaving a negative review, it was necessary to describe the problem.
got banned before even playing.
it say´s its undetected want a refund !!!
it says undected but after 2 games got banned, what a great cheat, doesnt update the "undetected" to "detected". nice move to get money
Next time, play carefully. Have a nice day.
A terrible cheat, after 1-2 hours, a ban arrived, although he did not do anything like that even and played legally))
I´ll rate positive, but I still have the problem of "Activation not found" I would like some support please