Granddaughter Galya and grandmother Valya PDF

Replenishment date: 29.06.2021
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Author: Kostousova EV
Age restriction: 0+.
Number of pages: 28.
Format: PDF.
ISBN: 9785604315453
Illustrations: Colored.
Year of publication: 2021.
Publisher: Kostousova E V.

A fairy tale is the best assistant in raising a child. These are not empty words! Are you looking for a book that will help your kid find out where the line between good and bad lies, become a little kinder, realize how important it is to help others, and at the same time laugh at the funny situations in which charming characters find themselves? In this case, the series of fairy tales "Galya's granddaughter and Valya's grandmother" is what you need! A young reader will fall in love with a restless girl who now and then gets into trouble, and will learn from her mistakes, and the age-old folk wisdom and ingenuity, reflected in proverbs and sayings, will come to the aid of parents in time. Fairytale therapy has long and firmly entered our life, but this book can be safely called an ambulance! Well, are you ready to listen to charming stories and plunge into a colorful world, a journey through which promises a lot of fun, exciting and informative?
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