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By purchasing this product, you get THE LAST OF US PART I - DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION (Region Free) a general Steam account for playing in cloud services🔵PlayKey 🔵 VK Play Cloud🔵. After payment you will receive an account like - Login : password.

Can be used to play inside cloud services:
✔️VK Play Cloud.

📝Complete with your account, you will receive an original instruction from the CGames-Store store, in which, in detail, with video tutorials, it is shown how to save all game progress on your cloud service account.

✅ You buy activation of the game THE LAST OF US PART I - DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION from our PERSONAL account for cloud services🔵PlayKey 🔵 VK Play Cloud🔵.
✅ This Steam account is configured specifically for playing on cloud services 🔵PlayKey 🔵 VK Play Cloud🔵, all progress in games will be your own.
✅ Activation gives you the opportunity to play an unlimited amount of time in the purchased game.
✅ 90 days account warranty includes ongoing support.
✅ You must have your own account on the game service 🔵PlayKey 🔵 VK Play Cloud🔵, it is recommended to have a premium subscription (to bypass the queue and get the best cloud PC). 1 activation for 1 YOUR account.
✅ Ability to play on the day the game is released.
✅ You will receive all game updates at the time of their release.
✅ Language: Region Free.

• By purchasing this product, you automatically accept the user agreement (Attention, read the terms, guarantees, before making a purchase).
• The account is not transferred to your ownership, any change in the account data is strictly prohibited, may lead to an authorization crash.
• I draw your attention to the fact that if the gaming platform makes any changes to the protection or modes, the activation method may not work, without the possibility of further play. Refunds are not made in this case.

Make sure you understand the product and understand what you are buying. If the conditions are not met, the seller reserves the right to refuse service (without a refund). Please read the product description carefully and if you have any questions, write to the seller.

Technical support works: on weekdays from 7:00 to 22:00 (Moscow time)
on weekends from 9:00 to 00:00 (Moscow time).
Additional Information
Bonuses of the Digital Deluxe version:

chapter "Left behind"
Skill: Crafting Speed ​​Up
Skill: Healing Speed ​​Up
Modification: increased reload speed for caliber 9 mm.
Modification: increase in the capacity of the rifle magazine
Gameplay Modifier: Explosive Arrows
Filter "Deather-Punk"
Mode "Passing at speed"
Six weapon skins: Black Gold for the 9mm Pistol, Silver Filigree for the 9mm Pistol, Tactical Coating for the Shotgun, Oak Carving for the Shotgun, Arctic White for the Bow, Black Composite » for bow
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All perfectly!
The game has started. The truth is wildly slow, but this is already a problem on the side of VK Play. And the seller is honest. Answers questions quickly.
Everything works, no cheating.
Excellent seller, helped to understand the activation, I recommend!
Really supportive and legit seller
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