The Callisto Protocol Digital Deluxe Xbox One/Series

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After payment, you will receive a licensed game (login and password) after downloading the game, you will be able to play freely and run the game from your profile write after the purchase, we will put it and send instructions.

Installing the game on the XBOX ONE console:

1) Go to the purchased profile, click "Login"
2) Click "Add new user", enter the purchased data (username and password)
3) If the code asks for, click on and write to us
4) Login and security parameters - set "no restrictions"
5) Go to "My games and applications"
6) Scroll to the right, find the purchased game and install it.
7) Play only from your main profile
8) The purchased profile is not deleted, enjoy the game)


1) You can not make an account home
2) You cannot change the data and transfer it to third parties
3) Additional mail is not provided
4) Requires a permanent internet connection
5) General profile (you buy the game and the ability to play from your main profile, the profile itself is not for sale)
6) 1 year warranty

How to play (text description):

1) After receiving data from the account, enter the purchased account with the game and immediately switch to your main account. We start the game. If you see the inscription "Play here instead", click on it and start the game, as soon as the game is loaded, exit the purchased profile, enter your main profile, play. You can play from 5 minutes to 2 hours (always in different ways) ...

2) After receiving the data from the account, we enter the purchased account with the game, then switch to our own and start the game. If you see the inscription "Play here instead", click on it and start the game, after starting the game, disconnect from the Internet (settings - network - network settings - disconnect from the network) and play. You can play from 5 minutes to 2 hours (always in different ways). After connecting to the network, achievements earned in Offline will open.

The account is being sold publicly. If during the game you are sometimes "thrown out" of the gameplay, try to enter the game later. Any claims in this case will not be accepted

Refunds for reasons not like the game, bought something wrong

The seller is not responsible for system updates to the console, which may lead to changes in the operation of the general account
Additional Information
In this third-person narrative survival horror game set 300 years in the future, the player takes on the role of Jacob Lee, a victim of fate thrown into the Black Iron Prison, a maximum security prison located on the moon of Jupiter. Callisto. As the prisoners begin to transform into monstrous creatures, chaos reigns in the prison. To survive, Jacob must fight his way to safety in order to escape the Dark Iron prison, uncovering the dark and disturbing secrets hidden beneath Callisto's surface. Using a unique combination of shooting and melee combat, Jacob will have to adapt his tactics to deal with rapidly changing creatures, scavenging to unlock new weapons, gear and abilities to stay ahead of the rising threat and escape the horrors of Jupiter's Dead Moon. HORROR ENGINEERING The Callisto Protocol is a new take on survival horror from Glenn Schofield. Mixing atmosphere, tension and violence with horrific moments of helplessness and humanity, The Callisto Protocol immerses players in a breathtaking story where unspeakable horrors lurk around every corner. UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF JUPITER UNITED COMPANY The Callisto Protocol takes place on Jupiter's dead moon Callisto in the year 2320. Players play Jacob Lee, a prisoner in the Dark Iron Prison. When a mysterious outbreak throws the moon into chaos, Jacob must face his darkest fears to defeat the bloodthirsty creatures that haunt him as he unravel dark mysteries at the heart of the mighty United Jupiter Company. MASTER BRUTAL, STRATEGIC COMBAT In Callisto Protocol, players must master an exciting mix of melee and ranged combat, including a unique gravity weapon once used by Dark Iron guards to control prisoners. Players will be forced to get close to their grotesque opponents, chopping off limbs, tearing off legs, and getting creative with everything at their disposal to survive every life-and-death bout. JUPITER'S DEAD MOON ISOLATION EXPERIENCE One of the most hostile, isolated environments in the universe, Callisto looms over Jacob's desperate struggle for survival. Players must contend not only with the horrors of the Dark Iron Prison, but also with centuries of secrets that haunt Jupiter's long-dead moon, both above and below the surface. Pre-order now to get the following digital content: - Retro prisoner skin and weapons - Season Pass The Season Pass includes: The Outer Path Skin Collection: Wear the armor of the Outer Path, an underground rebel movement that opposes the UJC, and fight for survival in the horrors of Callisto. Infestation Pack: Experience epic survival horror adventures in the new Infestation mode. With reduced ammo and health, individual difficulty, and permanent death, you won't get a second chance to escape the Dark Iron Prison or the horrors lurking beneath Callisto's surface. The Contagion bundle also includes thirteen new Jacob death animations and a collection of Watchtower skins. Riot Bundle: Venture into the previously unexplored area of ​​Black Iron Prison and battle waves of brutal enemies. Collect credits to upgrade your weapons or create new ones, and survive the onslaught for as long as possible in Riot, an all-new mode. The Riot Bundle also includes twelve new enemy death animations and a collection of Engineer skins.
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