WORKING IN RF WARP+ Wireguard (12kk gb, 5 devices)

Replenishment date: 27.03.2023
Content: WARP+ (66).conf (344 B)
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The price is so low because I am gaining reviews and customers, there will be a 100% increase soon
It differs from all other WARP+ keys in that if my configuration is purchased, blocking WARP by Roskomnadzor does not affect its performance in any way, in other words, buying regular WARP+ keys from Russia is meaningless, because WARP itself will not connect, and my configuration will work until those as long as the WARP service itself exists
🔥 INSTANT delivery of goods (24/7/365) after purchase! 🔥

🔑 LICENSE key Cloudflare - WARP+ with traffic ~ 12 PB (12.000 TERABYTES), NO usage time limits and the ability to use it on 5 devices at the same time!

👍 Works on: Windows 10 / 11 (x64), macOS 10.15 (x64) and above, Android: 5.0 and above, iOS 11.0 and above (compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)

🔥 The standard Cloudflare WARP+ tariff on the official website is $4.99 (for Russia - 129r) for ONE month.
We offer a key with ~12 PB (12.000 TERABYTES) traffic and NO usage time limits - this is an INCREDIBLE savings!

✔️ After purchase, you will instantly receive:
• Configuration file for connecting WireGuard via Cloudflare WARP+
• Link to download the program from the office. site
• Prompt seller support
• Product warranty - 30 days

🎁 For a positive review, you will receive a gift card (CASHBACK 10%) and a PROMO CODE discount for your next purchase!

🚀 Key features of Cloudflare + WARP VPN:

✅ Increased privacy.
Internet requests from your device are not included in the database of the local service provider.
Do not leave the opportunity to monitor what you are doing online on your device.
Cloudflare believes that privacy is your personal right and guarantees the integrity of your data.

✅ Ability to read blocked resources on the Internet.
Thanks to the built-in VPN service.
The work of torrent clients and trackers and other resources is not blocked

✅ Increased speed and high fault tolerance with WARP Unlimited VPN replaces the connection between the device and the Internet with a modern, optimized Cloudflare DNS protocol. According to the service occupies one of the highest positions for a long time.
In November 2021, it was the first in terms of performance, uptime, quality.
Thanks to a modern and large network of Clouflare servers in Europe and Russia, Cloudflare bypasses Yandex DNS and Google DNS in many respects.

✅ Easy to use
One-touch setup to make your Internet safer and more private.

✅ Speed ​​with Cloudflare WARP+
Every second, Cloudflare tests thousands of routes across the internet to determine which ones have the best performance. The developers promise to make thousands of sites 30% faster (on average) when using a paid WARP + subscription, adding unlimited traffic for the VPN service.

📝 Instructions for using the product:

Save the file from the message above to your device, download and install the WireGuard app (iOS, Android, PC, MacOS, routers) - link
( After installation, add the previously downloaded file to the application. Ready!

📌 Information \ rules:

• Cloudflare Warp VPN is blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation (like other VPNs), but this does not affect the performance of my product, unlike regular WARP + keys. The seller is responsible for the operability of the WARP+ configuration and subscription (during the warranty period)
• The amount of traffic may vary up or down, but not less than 11.000 TERABITES
• Does not work in Turkmenistan, buying from there you act at your own peril and risk
• We do not make a refund, only a replacement in case of inoperability of the account with an identical product
• If you have any problems, you should contact the "Correspondence with the seller"
Additional Information
When purchasing this product, you do not receive an activation key, but a file for the open-source (read as safe) WireGuard application, which contains the settings for connecting to WARP + through the WireGuard application
In general - the same as activation with a key through, only it works
ATTENTION: For installation, the necessary step will be to download an absolutely secure configuration file (XXXX.conf) containing private and public keys, as well as an IP address for connection, which is added to WireGuard after downloading, from the google drive file hosting service, if you choose this option not satisfied, I advise you to refuse the purchase
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Everything is fine!! The seller responds promptly, I recommend!!
The seller is sociable, the question arose immediately answered. I recommend to buy
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