Profitable manual forex-system "Pipsolove-3" (Pipsolov3)

Replenishment date: 03.11.2009
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Do you want profitable Forex trading? Do you want to feel the effect of your work every day? You need a competent trading strategy system!
We present to your attention a completely new manual trading system "PIPSOLOVE -3 (PIPSOLOV-3)" !!!
This system is a development and logical continuation of the famous systems "PIPSOLOVE (PIPSOLOV)" and "PIPSOLOVE -2 (PIPSOLOV-2)", which are used by traders almost all over the world. But progress does not stand still, and the new system "PIPSOLOVE - 3 (PIPSOLOV-3)" is better than the previous ones in all respects!
Basic parameters of "PIPSOLOVE -3 (PIPSOLOV-3)"
-based on 8 mutually confirming indicators.
-used on M5 timeframes of major currency pairs (GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY). It can also be used on other currency pairs.
- you can work on the system around the clock.
-system allows you to catch mainly short-term and medium-term trends.
- trades in the system are performed manually by the trader according to the rules of the system when signals of the system indicators correlating with each other appear.
Based on the indicators of the system, the trader can also build his strategies, or add additional indicators (if desired).

Information about the system is also available here:
After payment you will receive a rar-archive containing: 1) the required indicators in compiled form (* .ex4-format); 2) the file of the finished template (profile) of the system; 3) an e-book (exe-book) with instructions for starting the system and tracking signals through the system.
Additional Information
<< For the attention of buyers. >>
The resale of this product in whole or in part is prohibited. If we discover the fact of resale, we immediately file a complaint with arbitration. We value our reputation. If you have any questions about the goods, please write. If you do not contact us and do not receive comments on which - any question, leave a negative review - a complaint will be filed against you in the Webmoney Arbitration from the owner of a personal passport. Unlike free analogs of this system, available on the network on a shareware basis (demo versions calculated for a month of work), this system is fully operational without limitation. The seller is not responsible for the trading decisions you make in the FOREX market based on this system.
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In order to avoid losses and disappointments, as professionals, we recommend that you use only the systems of serious, trusted authors, and not be tempted by "pretty pictures" in the descriptions of amateurs and "pirates". Respectfully, the international development team "Condor FX".
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