Payment for activating the DMsos-Graf program (2D + 3D)

Replenishment date: 19.12.2015
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By purchasing this product you buy a code. You send this code to me, thereby confirming the fact of payment for activating the program "DMsos-Graf"
The code can be sent to
but better on ICQ 464840172 (you will get it faster)

ATTENTION !!! This is the Full version - not only 2D drawing is possible but also 3D modeling
Additional Information
DMsos_Graf is a Library for KOMPAS (v.7 and higher), for making drawings of standard elements (pulleys, sprockets, gears ...).

The library is a tool for making drawings and models of elements and does not perform strength analysis, unlike KOMPAS-SHAFT. If we compare, the main advantage of this library is its great speed, functionality and convenience.

Often there is no need to make calculations, but simply build a gear, pulley, sprocket using known geometric parameters ... DMsos_Graf will help you quickly and easily solve the problem.

Drawings can be made in 2D (on a plane) or in 3D (in space). Moreover, in 3D, a profile appears (teeth, so far, except for bevel wheels), and in 2D the element is drawn in section. The library supports several wheel designs: monolithic, disc, and hole designs. If it is necessary to make a drawing of the pinion shaft, specify the shaft diameter equal to 1. It is also possible to set the displacement of the hub relative to the disk and rim.
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