🎮Need for speed Hot Pursuit (PS4/PS5/RUS) Rent 💠

Replenishment date: 03.07.2023
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▶️PS5 Platform: Available✅
▶️PS4 Platform: Available✅


🎮Need for speed Hot Pursuit - (Completely in Russian)

🔺🟢✖️🟪 RENTAL🟪✖️🟢🔺

☑️The account is personal and created by us. The game(s) were purchased with it officially from the PS Store. Which gives you all the guarantees.
☑️The account itself is not for sale, but only for rent with the ability to download the game and play on this profile during the rental period.
☑️This activation is mainly used by our game rental service.
☑️This type of activation is suitable for those who do not care about saving or achieving in the game, and launching the game from their account.
📘 Installation instructions⚠️

1.Creating a new user and entering data:
❖For PS4 Select "Power" Next ➔ "Change User" ➔ Create a new user (not as a guest!)
❖ For PS5, select ➔ "START"! (not as a guest!) ➔ "Accept license agreement"
❖Enter ➔ data from the purchased account in the form of "login: password"

2. Activation and sharing:
❖FOR PS4 Proposal to change the main system Very important ! Select ➔ "Do not change"
❖FOR PS5 Console Sharing Very Important! Select ➔ "Disable" or "Do not enable"

3. Loading the game:
❖Library ➔ Find your game (purchased) ➔ Download (download status can be checked via the option button)

4. You can play (A permanently connected Internet is required) ➔ The game starts from the issued account.

◐After the end of the rental, the data from the account will be changed, the account will need to be deleted.
Settings➔ Login settings➔ Delete account.
Additional Information
⚠️Game (account) rental conditions:

❖The game starts from the issued account (P2)
❖This type of product is sold on a rental basis, and belongs to our service.
❖Accounts do not have a PS Plus subscription (if you have a subscription, it will also apply to our account)
❖Any manipulation of the product aimed at taking possession of it or changing data entails a ban on the use
goods without refunding the balance of funds for unused time.
❖Minimum rental period is 10 days. If you completed the game before the paid period, the money is not returned, in this case we can
offer you a discount on your next rental.
❖You can not transfer your account to third parties.
❖You can extend the lease by writing about it through my purchases on the product page, in the correspondence tab or to us in telegram.

⚠️Conditions for installing the game (account):

❖The account is installed only on one console.
❖Play with the account details you receive.
❖You can not go to the sony website, the account is verified and operational (ready to be installed on the console), you are given data like mail: password.
❖These accounts cannot be changed under any circumstances.
❖You can add friends
❖Permanent internet connection required
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