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⚠️Account access is provided for 24 hours, which is enough to download any games and applications! The game or application will work after switching to your account! The most important thing is do not delete or download them!
⚠️ If you want to update games or applications, we can provide a 25% discount

⚠️ How and where will the buyer receive the final product (service)?
✅ You will receive the product immediately after payment, it is issued automatically on your device screen
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✅ After payment, you can immediately log into your account without transferring any data to the seller
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✅ The product is issued automatically, but in case of any problems, we will try to help you within 24 hours (the maximum period for providing the service)
Additional Information
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🧨After installing an application or game, it is not recommended to delete anything
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📵 Forbidden:
📖 Make any changes to the data of the General Account.
🛒 Independent purchase of additional elements for games and programs.
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⚠️ Use Accounts for commercial purposes, transfer account data to third parties!
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