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Seller discounts
for all goods
The goods are given a discount for regular customers.
If the total amount of purchases from therealshop is more than:
the discount is: 1%
💳 Cashback - for a positive review you will receive a gift card 🎁
☎ Fast Support - 24/7 support 🕗
📦 Instant Delivery - after payment you will immediately receive a key and can activate it.
🚀 Best Choice - our store has been operating since 2016 and has over 400000 sales and 40000 positive reviews.
💰 Discount System - a system of discounts is provided for regular customers.
💸 Accept Crypto - Enot.io we accept many cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcach, Dash, Litecoin, Eth)
💮 From new products, you can get a discount on a purchase or pre-order:
🟣 Far Cry 6 (Standart, Gold, Ultimate)
🔴 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake
🟠 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine
🟡 Riders Republic (Standart, Gold, Ultimate)
💬 By buying this product you get:
🔑 Key DISCOUNT 20% for Ubisoft Store
🌎 Regional restrictions: Europe, Asia.
🕗 Time limitation of activation: 60 days from the date of purchase
🔒 Guarantee for the purchased goods!
☎ Operational support in case of any questions
😃 Pleasure from shopping and good mood!
📦 Instruction:
1. Select the game you would like to buy.
2. Go to payment for your purchase and click on the "Add promo code" option. Enter the promo code in the appropriate field and click the "Apply" button
3. Click on the "Checkout" button, complete the checkout and enjoy the game!
📄 Other:
❗ All activation operations are performed by the buyer.
❗️ This product has a time limit, you must use it within 60 days from the date of purchase!
❗️ This code may not work for new items! (Canada, United States)
❗️ There may be problems with activation in the updated Ubisoft Connect client - recommends using via the website!
❗️ The product will not be used for purchases: in-game currency, Ubisoft + subscription, publishing products.
❗️ May not work in conjunction with existing offers!
❗️ The seller guarantees a response to your message within 24 hours.
❗ No refunds! By purchasing this product you agree to this condition.
❗ Make sure your Country / Region matches the region of the key!
💮 從新 產品 中 , 您 可以獲得 購買 或 預先 的 的 折扣。:
🟣 Far Cry 6 (Standart, Gold, Ultimate)
🔴 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake
🟠 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Quarantine
🟡 Riders Republic (Standart, Gold, Ultimate)
💬 購買 此 產品 您 獲得:
🔑 Key Discount 20% for Ubisoft Store
🌎 區域 限制 : 歐洲 , 亞洲。
🕗 激活 時間 限制 : 從 購買 之 日 起 60 天
🔒 產品 上 的 保修
☎ 如果 有 任何 問題 , 請 及時 支持
📦 操作 說明:
1. 選擇 您 要買 的 遊戲.
2. 導航 到 購買 , 然後 單擊 “添加 掃描 代碼” 選項.輸入 到 相應 字段 的 促銷 , 然後 單擊 “應用” 按鈕。
3. 點擊 付款 按鈕 , 完成 訂購 併 享受 遊戲!
❗ 所有 激活 操作 都 製作 買方.
❗️ 本 產品 有 時間 限制 , 您 需要 在 購買 之 日 起 60 天內 使用!
❗️ 此 代碼 可能 無法 在 新 項目 上 行事! (Canada, United States)
❗️ 更新 的 Ubisoft Connect 客戶 端 中 可能 存在 激活 問題 - 建議 使用 通過 該 網站!
❗️ 購買 時 , 貨物 不會 應用 : 在 遊戲 貨幣 內 , 訂閱 Ubisoft + , 發布。
❗️ 可能 無法 與 現有 建議 結合 使用!
❗️ 賣家 在 24 小時 內 保證 您 留 電 的 答案 。🚀
❗ 沒有 退款! 購買 此 產品 您 同意 此 條件.
❗ 確保 您 的 國家 / 地區 對應 於 關鍵 區域!
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