RFEI final exam Analysis of financial statements 80 c

Replenishment date: 20.02.2010
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Final exam RFEI "Analysis of financial statements". Score 5 points.
Answers to 80 questions are given, in the form of a table.
A separate file contains all the questions.
Here are the first and last two questions:

1. Which of the four rules of analysis by Rene Descartes is incorrectly formulated?
a) never accept as true anything that would not be obvious to us, that is, diligently avoid haste and prejudice, include in your reasoning only that which seems so clear to the mind that it will not give the slightest reason for doubt;
b) divide any difficulty into as many parts as there may be and how many are required to resolve it;
c) arrange your thoughts in a certain order, starting with the objects of the simplest and easiest for knowledge and little by little, as if by steps, going up to the knowledge of the most complex; establish order even between those objects that by their nature do not precede one another;
d) make lists so short everywhere and reviews so concise that we can be sure that we have not missed anything.

2. Which of the following stages of a financial analyst's work includes the "Analysis of liquidity and solvency"?
a) assessment of property status and capital structure;
b) assessment of the efficiency and intensity of capital use;
c) assessment of financial stability and solvency;
d) assessment of creditworthiness and bankruptcy risk.


79. What is the change in borrowed capital as a percentage of the change in the liabilities of the aggregate analytical balance of CJSC “Smena” as of 31.12.2009?
a) 8178;
b) 4986,59%;
c) -8014;
d) -4886,59%.

80. What are the changes in the absolute values ​​in the lines “Total sources of financing” and “Total property” of the aggregated analytical balance of CJSC “Smena” as of 31.12.2009?
a) 100%;
b) 164;
c) 42032;
d) 42196.
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