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Replenishment date: 30.01.2022
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✅You buy a shared offline account. It is ideal for those who want to go through a single player campaign and not overpay extra money.
✅Pros of our unique offline Steam account format.
1. The account is completely ours. This is not a game activation. You do not need to download any unofficial activators and additional software. This is not someone else's account.
2. The cost of a shared account is several times cheaper than on Steam.
3. On torrents in almost every game you can find viral files that may not block your computer, but turn the computer into a mining farm in the background or display additional ads - please.
4. You can complete a single game 100%
5. Personal account, officially registered. The game is licensed. This means that no one will restore or take away their account. Your saves in the game will not be lost.
6. You don't have to wait weeks or months for the game to be hacked
7. You can use your account in any region, there are no restrictions.
8. Fresh updates and sometimes even new DLCs will always be available to you.
9. You can buy the game at any time convenient for you. Two-step authentication is disabled in 99% of cases. This means that you do not need to wait for the seller during the day or at night to log into your account. TeamViewer is also not needed.

✅Be careful when buying this product, there are no returns on it, because you have your login and password to download the game immediately after payment.
Instructions for using a steam offline account
1. Install steam
2. Log in to Steam with the username and password you received. Be sure to click "remember username and password"
3. Download and install the game from the Steam library
4. Enter the game before the menu or settings appear.
5. Quit the game
6. In Steam, in the upper left corner, click steam - offline mode
7. Now you can start the game
8. The first 14 days after the release of the game - do not leave the offline mode in the same account in the online mode, tk. a lot of people are downloading the game and you will interrupt their download. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
Additional Information
Always keep Steam offline. If you play online for more than 20 minutes, we will have to change the data from your account.

You get access to our personal account with the game (the account is shared, this will not affect your gameplay). This is a general offline steam account
After purchase, you will be given a login and password from the steam account in which the game has already been purchased
The account can only be used in offline (offline) mode
The account is unlimited, protected, it is impossible to change the mail and password. The account remains yours forever (or as long as steam is offline).
You can enter your account an infinite number of times. You can reinstall Windows and get the Steam-Guard code again only once, no earlier than 1 days after purchase.
You can update the game once every 1 days. To do this, you need to go to the online steam mode.
It is forbidden to change account settings. For violation - a ban for 15 days of denying access to the account.
At the moment, playing through cloud services (GFN, Google Stadia, Playkey) is prohibited. But everything can change
Download speed from Steam servers is about 90 MB / s. If you have a fast internet connection, downloading 50 GB will take only 10 minutes. 100 GB - 20 min.
Steam Family Sharing is not used on the account. Making an account a home is prohibited.
You can play co-op only at night from 00:00 to 10:00, at least a few weeks or months after the release of the game, when there are no other people in the account. But do it at your own peril and risk, at any moment you can be thrown out of the game, because. another person can log into the account. If you play online in the first 14 days after the release of the game, we will change your password and will no longer be able to give you access.
Due to the nature of the DRM protection of the game, there may be some waiting for activation (up to 96 hours) in the first week of the release of the game.
If you want to start the game right away, especially on release days when other users are also trying to download the game, then you need to download the game from the torrent in advance. Otherwise, you will end up in the download queue for the game. The choice is yours. Or look for a reliable source where you can download the game without viruses and other problems, and drag the downloaded files to the folder where the game should be when downloading through the "Steam" launcher. Or wait for the queue to download the game from the official Steam servers.