🎮Garry´s Mod 🌎Steam account + Gift + Mail

Replenishment date: 10.11.2023
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for all goods
The goods are given a discount for regular customers.
If the total amount of purchases from the MMO-SHOP seller is more than:
the discount is: 1%
Dear customers, in order to avoid misunderstandings and controversial situations, it is necessary to record the process of payment for the goods, from the moment of payment, to the attempt to enter the mail, or account, in any way, also the rules placed in the additional information are mandatory, deviations from the rules deprive the right of a guarantee exchange / refund. These rules apply to all buyers. The seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video.

❗❗❗ For video recording of accounts, we recommend using the program https://www.bandicam.com/downloads/ is the most affordable, no registration required app for video recording.

📌 Buying this product, you get an account in the form:
✅ "Mailbox:, mail password: "Login" steam account, password from Steam";
✅ Often there are accounts with a large number of games on Steam, in addition to the purchased game, as well as with inventory and balance;
❗ Vac blocking for other games is possible on the account;
❗ Steam marketplace and the function of adding friends (you may be added) may not work;
✅ After payment, you get access from the Steam account and data from the mail;
✅ Before selling, all accounts are checked repeatedly.

By purchasing this product, you can get an 🎁Origin 🎁War Thunder 🎁World of Tanks 🎁Warface account with a random paid game for free! To do this, leave a positive review of the form: "I want a gift", after which we will write account data in correspondence with the seller within 72 hours.


📌 Recovery instructions:
1. Before starting the recovery procedure, go to the Steam folder and delete the config folder and 2 SSFN files. This measure is necessary to avoid blocking.
2. Go to the mail, carefully copying all the data.
3. Follow this link: https://help.steampowered.com/ru/wizard/HelpWithLogin?redir=store%2Flogin%2F%3Fredir%3D%253Fl%253Drussian ;
4. Click the button I do not remember the name or login of my Steam account;
5. Follow the directions for recovery;
6. A message will be sent to the mail with which you can change the password on your account;
7. Link your cell phone using your personal account when you log into your account;
8. Change the password and security question on your account;
9. Link your phone and YOUR mail to your account.
10. Turn on Steam Guard.
11. Delete all letters from old mail.

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Additional Information
🎁 All buyers who leave positive feedback will receive a random gift.
To receive a gift you need:
✅ Buy a product.
✅ Leave your positive feedback.
✅ Send the seller a message "I want a gift".
✅ The gift is issued randomly, of the platform whose account you purchased, or the one that is available. (Sometimes a gift can pay back the purchase price by 2-3 times.)
✅ Gift warranty does not apply, gifts do not change.
✅ The issuance of gifts is subject to the condition that ALL conditions are met, within 72 hours from the date of leaving the review.

📌 By making a purchase from me, you automatically agree to the following.
Purchase terms:
1. All accounts purchased from us are the property of the seller and acquired legally.
2. For each account, the guarantee is valid only at the time of sale, I REPEAT ONLY AT THE TIME OF SALE, accounts do not change after they are lost after a day, week, year, etc. (after the purchase, the buyer is responsible for the purchased account).
3. After purchasing an account, its further fate is completely on your shoulders. We have no control over your account and your actions. Maybe you changed your password / resold / gave a friend / viruses on your computer, etc.
4. If the account you bought is not working (login: password does not match), or does not match the description, then immediately (within 20 minutes write about it in the correspondence with the seller section, messages sent later will not be considered!) Write, through the form "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment for the goods). => Not to be confused with the form with REVIEW! <=.
5. Refunds are possible only if it is impossible to replace a non-working account within 24 hours (day).
6. Seller's response is guaranteed within 24 hours (usually earlier)!
7. If you try to deceive (for those who do not know how to photoshop), pressure, threats, insults, I reserve the right not to respond to your messages and not to solve your problem, without any consequences!
8. Buyers, in spite of leaving reviews, or leaving unfounded negative reviews, are blacklisted to me and to my colleagues and other sellers.
9. All questions regarding low-quality goods ARE CONSIDERED ONLY IN THE SECTION "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" not in Skype, not in contact, but only there.
10. In connection with the increasing cases of fraud on the part of buyers, please shoot a video from the moment you pay for the purchase until you try to log into your account, this measure will help solve your problem as soon as possible.
11. You can upload a video showing the inoperability of your account to Yandex disk and send a link to the correspondence with the seller.

If you do not agree with at least one of the points, please refrain from buying.
Feedback (54)
+ 53
- 1
I found a non-working account, I hope they will replace it
The answer is given.
Cool seller I recommend
Cool seller I recommend
Even, more games were on the account, thanks to the seller, cool account.
You can take it, I even got it without any ban)
All with a buzz, the acc changed.
Harris mod has 1900 hours, all the data came, I probably changed my mail and password from the acc steam in about 10 minutes, I also tied my phone and set the steam guard, the seller is the best. I want a present!)
Good seller, made a replacement because the first one was not correct. I recommend buying from him.
Changed account The one I bought was not working. Everything is fine!
All perfectly!
all is well acc changed
Everything is very cool, they gave me mail, and there are still games))
Good but in one account there is no garrys mod
everything is clear and without deception I want a gift for World of Tanks Blitz
Please, when you buy, take off your purchase, I did not take off I was not given
Very quickly gave a replacement, I advise!
I want a present!
good seller.
I want gift.
I want a present
I want a present
acc good
Everything is good!
Great seller.
I got the account, the game is in place, but apparently the owner is very active on it, since in the last 2 weeks he played 12 hours, I hope he won't restore it
the mail password was changed and so the rules
good seller
The account was given, the login password is correct, the mail does not match, I am waiting for a response from the seller, 230 games in the account
Quite an expensive account.
The game is in place.
At first, a non-working account was caught, but the seller replaced everything and gave a new one! Now everything works and besides the garis mod there are a lot of games on the account!
works !
Everything is good
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