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Replenishment date: 23.10.2009
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Barishpolts TS Advisor:
fully automatic trading

So, we have written an advisor for the sliding channel system Viktor Barishpolts, who performs all the procedures automatically, without your constant participation.
In addition, you can use your vision of the market and draw channels yourself using standard MT4 tools - the advisor will work according to them!

The Expert Advisor has many variable variables - you can manually set any parameters of the Expert Advisor, such as trailing, stop loss, take profit and many others. However, we recommend using the numbers given by Viktor Barishpolts in the description of the system.

The EA has 3 built-in money management systems (MM)

When buying an advisor, you get:

• exclusive indicators enLight® Channel Draw ™ and enLight® LRChannel Draw ™, displaying channels on the chart in automatic mode according to the algorithm specified by Victor Barishpolts in the description of his system of sliding channels

• Advisor enLight® Channel Trader ™, working on the time-tested system of Viktor Barishpolts, which has proven its ability to generate profit on a monthly basis

• the ability to use an advisor for fully automatic trading using the readings of our indicator

• the ability to use an advisor for semi-automatic trading, if desired, independently tracing channels using standard MT4 tools (trend lines)

• detailed instructions for installing and using the advisor with a description of all the advisor and indicator variables

• make a profit on FOREX, while not sitting for many hours at the monitor

We are deeply convinced that we offer you an innovative, modern and 100% quality software product at a more than affordable price.

Product description:

Sliding channels V. Barishpolz
(brief description of the vehicle)

• Traded currency - EUR / USD.
• Schedule period - 6 hours.
• Indicators used - none.
• Traded lot - arbitrary, but always constant, approximately equal: deposit * 100/3
• Possible maximum series of losses (shown during testing) - 3, amounting to 57 points each.
• Recommended minimum initial deposit r (required margin + 6 * 3 * lot size / 1000) * number of lots
• Efficiency - not less than 100% per month (on average, when evaluated for a period of at least six months).
• Graphical constructions - sliding channels. Channels are built along the last three extremes - a line along two bottoms and parallel through the top, or vice versa, a line along two tops and parallel along two bottoms. The lines are drawn by MAXIMUM (MINIMUM) VALUES, that is, by the shadows of the candles. The extremum is identified with at least 2 candles before and 2 candles after it has passed. That is, for the maximum, you need at least 2 candles less than the maximum candle before, and at least 2 candles less than the maximum - after. The distance between adjacent extrema is not limited. There are "group extremes" - two or even three candlesticks with practically the same maximums (minimums). We identify them as one extreme, draw the channel line through the top (bottom) of the right one.
• Opening a position - upon reaching the channel boundary - inside the channel. In this case, an open signal appears when the price hits the + -5 pips zone from the channel line. The number of lots is constant throughout the month (best - the whole quarter).
• Stop with a reversal at the opening - 57 points.
• The target is the opposite border of the channel.
ONLY ONE POSITION is permanently open (with the selected number of lots). After opening a position, we focus on the best exit from the market, for this:
• If the distance from the opening price is 50 points (towards the profit), the stop is transferred to the opening point. Further - compression at a distance of 50 (90) * points every 10 points. As you approach the target, the amount of compression decreases. The squeeze is made only in the direction of increasing profits, but never in the direction of decreasing.
• When smoothly reaching the border of the channel (currently active!), Close the position and open a new position in reverse
Additional Information
Additional Information:

"I went to the technique painted here for several years. In the end I came to a clear and specific template. Someone will find this very simple. Well, the wheel is also a simple thing, but it is the greatest invention of mankind ..."
"... I discovered this tactic for myself in times of despair and depression, and it was able to save my account and me.
Later, convinced of my "genius", I often departed from it, experimented, most often it ended in losses, and considerable ones. And now I am looking for different tactics, more and more sophisticated, but when my account "sags", I return to it, as to the old, tried-and-true means .... "
Victor Barishpolets, the author of the system of "sliding channels"

"The fact that the Barishpolz sliding channel system is capable of generating stable monthly profits has long been beyond doubt. I myself know several pros who have built their systems precisely based on it. All of them have once looked for their way - and in In the end, we came to a system that we could not “get off” from. The fact is that this strategy gives the trader the main thing - a stable positive result. And when you start working professionally, and even with investors' money, there is no time for experiments!

Of course, everyone makes their own amendments, everyone works "in their own style." But in the case of a sliding channel system, more often than not, these amendments lead to some psychological comfort rather than additional profit. I think that the system of Victor Barishpolts "in the original", precisely those fundamental principles that he laid out, are capable of giving the greatest profit when working in the market.

That is why I am very pleased to have acquired an advisor for this strategy. I will definitely put it in at least one of my accounts. "
N.P. Matyushin, professional trader since 1998.

"... I must admit, your advisor is the best auto trader I've met ..."
Nikolay Dushkin, Moscow

"I have been trading according to Viktor Barishpolts's system for a long time. I work for a Jew on a 4-hour clock. And I was always pleased with the result, although I wanted to minimize manual operations.

... it is very important in this strategy of Barishpolz to work out all signals without exception, then the system will surely "pull out". However, this requires regular work with the terminal.
Now that I have your advisor, it won't be difficult! "
M. Tkachev, Yekaterinburg
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