🌕 Evil Genius 2 World Domin PS4/PS5/RU Rent from 3 days

Replenishment date: 19.02.2023
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Users Not from Russia. This game is not for sale, account Activation is not done, playing on the received profile. It´sa game rental for 3-30 days.
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🚨Pay attention!
The game itself is not for sale, but only given in "RENT FOR A PAID TIME". You are given data from it, the ability to download the game and play on the RECEIVED PROFILE during the rental period. Be sure to read the terms of purchase.

🏴Region: Russia
Russian language is PRESENT, provided that the game was translated. A download version of the game for PS5 will only be available if the developers have added it for free.
🚨 Only the game itself was bought on the Account. If you want to play online, you must have your own subscription.

================================================== ======
🚨The list of games for rent, as well as all rentals are updated daily from 08:00-12:00
🚨If you took the game after 18:00, then the rental will start from the next day. But the account will work from the moment of purchase. (You will have free pre-download time).
================================================== ======

🎮Platform to play: Console - PS4 and SP5

Be careful and follow the full instructions in the product description
☝- We go to the account directly from the console.
❌- It is FORBIDDEN to log into the account through a computer browser.
❌- It is FORBIDDEN to change the data from the Account under any conditions.
❌- IT IS FORBIDDEN to change the Login ID" "password" and "disable or change two-step authentication"
💀- When you try to change the password or reset the activation on the Account, we will immediately see it and you will no longer be able to play and also have a great chance to fly into a ban.
🔐- After the paid period, the password will be changed, but you can extend the lease by writing about it through "my purchases" on the product page, in the correspondence tab.
🎦- Before buying, carefully read the game and look at the reviews on YouTube. Returns due to: Did not like it, thought it would be different, mixed up the game platform, wanted to buy another game, bought a younger brother or son, etc. WE DO NOT.

📴If you violate the terms, you lose access to the Account. If you are not satisfied with these conditions, refuse to purchase.
Additional Information
🔯 Instructions for use on PS4:
✅1. Create a new user (Not a guest, namely a user), when you turn on the set-top box or by long pressing the "PS" button.
✅2. Next, enter the login and password for the rented game.
✅3. After you may be asked for an access code sent to the mail. Do not be afraid, this is not our whim. We write to us in Telegram, which is indicated in the profile and we issue the code.
✅4. Go to (Library - Purchased) and download the game.
✅5. After downloading, we play the game on the RECEIVED PROFILE (if desired, the game can be extended).
✅6. When the rental is over, delete the profile and the game.

🔯 Instructions for use on PS5:
✅1. Create a new user. Not a Single Guest, but a "User" ("Start" button).
On the initial screen, select your user (Top right icon).
Next: "Change user" - "Add user" - "Start". We accept the License Agreement.
✅2. Next, enter the username and password for the purchased account.
✅3. Click the "Login" button.
✅4. After you may be asked for an access code sent to the mail. Do not be afraid, this is not our whim. We write to us in Telegram, which is indicated in the profile and we issue the code.
✅5. In the "Console Sharing and Offline Play" window, click the "Don't enable" button.
✅6. On the home screen, go to the right to the "Games Library" tab. Enter the Library and put the desired game for download. Download everything that interests you and you can play.
View game download status:
- Click the "PS" button, then in the lower menu, select: "Downloads from the network / To the network."
✅7. When the lease is over, delete the account. To do this, go to: "Settings" - "Users and Accounts" - "Users". Select the one you want and delete.
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