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ElectroDesigning program is intended for designing electrical networks up to 1000 volts. ElectroDesigning can be used in the design of distribution networks for administrative and residential buildings, power supply networks for rural settlements and cottages.
The boards are connected to the main switchboard by radial and trunk circuits (loop connection). The cross-section of the main cables or wires in the pipe is selected depending on the load or one cross-section for all panels.
The rated power and rated current of the distribution network are calculated using the demand factor method. When calculating the voltage drop in the power network, the reactance of the cable and the voltage drop across the transformer are taken into account. When determining the short-circuit current, the influence of the external power system is taken into account.
The program allows you to solve the following tasks:
 calculation of operating currents in all phases and in the neutral wire of a two-wire, three-wire and four-wire network for given loads;
 determination of minimum currents for each section of the network in case of single-phase and three-phase short circuits;
 calculation of the voltage drop in all sections of the network, as well as the voltage deviation at consumers and on the busbars of the switchboard.
 automatic selection from the built-in database of wire and cable cross-sections;
 automatic selection from the built-in database of protective devices;
 obtaining an image of the network diagram and the necessary reference tables;
 editing the scheme;
 entering into the database of new transformers, automatic machines and tables of permissible continuous currents;
 based on the results of the calculations, tables of calculated data, a schematic diagram of the distribution network and a preliminary cable log for laying out cables and wires along routes are formed;
 printing of images of diagrams, tables and cable log.
The design of the schematic diagram of the power supply network and cable magazine comply with GOST 21.608-84.
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