CS GO [PRIME] + medals (1-10) + gift

Replenishment date: 19.03.2023
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🔥After payment, you receive data from the mail and from the Steam account, where the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) Prime game is activated. You can play online.🔥
Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a team-based tactical first-person shooter designed to deepen and improve the very team-based five-on-five game mechanics that everyone loved CS for. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) includes both completely new maps, characters and weapons, as well as a mountain of "classic" things like de_dust, de_nuke and other iconic levels that have gone through a slight rebuild. A pile of original game modes, a leaderboard and indispensable lobbies for fighters are all included. For users with prime status, players with the same status are matched. They can also receive Prime-exclusive souvenirs, items, and weapon cases.

✅All accounts have from 1 to 10 medals
✅Other paid games are very often found on the account, inventory or balance - this is an additional bonus from us.
✅ On all accounts, you can change all data, including password, mail, and you can also bind a phone.
✅ Many accounts have a lot of inactivity.
✅ You can play with your friends online.
✅You can add friends.
✅ Accounts do not have locks. And also there are no Vac locks for other games.

By purchasing this product, you can get an Origin account with a random paid game for free! To do this, leave a positive review of the form: "I want a gift", after which within 72 hours we will write the data from the account in the correspondence with the seller.
Additional Information
After entering your account, do not forget to do the following in order:
• Change the contact email address;
• Change the password on the account;
• Link a cell phone or install the Steam mobile application (more - http://store.steampowered.com/promotion/twofactor?l=russian )
• Enable Steam Guard.

Other goods: https://wmcentre.net/seller.php?ids=266567

• Attempts to deceive will be recorded and reported to the administration. All disputes will be resolved only if the buyer provides a video of the purchase of the goods.
• Accounts are not guaranteed. If you have successfully logged into your account, it can no longer be exchanged / returned.
• In the event of force majeure situations with your account (return, theft, restrictions on the purchase / exchange, etc.), you have no claims to us.
• All problems are considered only in cases where the description of this product does not match. In all other cases, the seller and the buyer solves the problem only through the administrator of the trading platform.
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I bought 4 acc 3 norms, from 4 the mail is not the same
And that's what the seller said!
At the time of issuing the data, everything worked, the data was checked without fail. Either you are copying wrong, or you are doing something wrong, or you are trying to deceive me.

since 18/03 still not answered
This is a actual scam, dont look at these positive reviews. Its all made up by guys that didn´t experience their account getting stolen yet. I didnt even make to get in the acc and now its gone :D Seriously i will update if something changes but this is just disgusting . UPDATE: He did answer, and basically denied everything. Trust me dont buy , its botted with positive reviews, this guys is just hacking and reselling accounts, you will lose at some point if the real owner recovers it anyway.
Answer in the correspondence.
I'm sorry you're in this situation, however, accounts cannot be transferred from user to user as stated in the?Steam Subscriber Agreement.?Because you are not the creator of this account, you will not be granted access to it.

In the future, please refrain from purchasing or using other people's accounts.?

Steam accounts cannot be bought, sold, gifted or traded. All this is a prohibited activity.

The only legal way to play games on the Steam system is to create your own account for free.

Steam Support
Answer in the correspondence.
I want gift
ATTENTION! Trying to restore access to the account, so immediately make a steam quard.
Everything is fine, quickly issued a replacement) THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIEND<3
NOTE! : This ISN´T a positive review, the reason why is set to positive is because "negative" feedbacks can only be left within 60 days from the moment of purchase, thats the problem!

ATTENTION! A: This is NOT a positive review, the reason it is set positive is because "negative" feedback can only be left within 60 days of purchase, that's the problem!

[EN] I had my doubts about this seller from the beginning, I thought he was honest, but apparently not. I bought 2 accounts from him, one of which had a high trust factor anyway... However, the second one is worse! The account was restored by him after the 60th day, around 62-63 I dont remember anymore... and he says he could not help after 60 days, which is unfair considering the account had steam guard and a phone to it, the email was deleted also... Im so sorry but I want you to know and I will change the review if the seller returns it or replaces it with another one...

[EN] I had doubts about this seller from the very beginning, I thought he was honest, but apparently not. I bought 2 accounts from him, one of which already had a high trust factor ... But the second one is worse! The account was restored by him after the 60th day, somewhere around 62-63 I don’t remember anymore ... and he says that he could not help after 60 days, which is unfair, given that the account had a steam guard and a phone to it. , the email was also deleted... I'm sorry, but I want you to know and I will change the review if the seller returns it or replaces it with another one...
All is well
everything is fine 3 times I buy I'm waiting for a gift and an answer in correspondence
I want a present
I want a present
So far, everything is good!) I want a gift
All ok, I want a gift
there ban do not take bad reviews are deleted
I want a present
Everything is good, I received the account, I advise everyone
Work fine
all ok not bad
that's so good and i want a gift :D
All cool goods are issued! I'm waiting for a gift!
all right. working!!!
I want a present
all work with the favor of this seller
god \ +
nice, i want a gift: D
made a change, answered quickly, everything is good
nice seller
Stopped in! while everything is good) prada account so-so! but don't change it anymore!)
In short, the seller! threw! and sells stolen accounts! at the moment I can not get a replacement a month has passed! I do not advise! Asshole in one word!
no problem