Age of Empires IV + ONLINE + XBOX GAME PASS PC (12 + 1months)

Replenishment date: 16.05.2022
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🔥 INSTANT delivery of goods (24/7/365) after purchase! 🔥

You will get the opportunity to play a license of 250+ games, with working multiplayer / updates.

⭐ What is XBOX GAME PASS for PC?
Games such as Age of Empires IV \ STALKER 2 + Microsoft Flight Simulator \ FORZA HORIZON 4 + 5 \ SEA OF THIEVES: Anniversary are included in the subscription, the full list of games can be viewed here -
The list of games will be gradually updated, all new games in the subscription you will receive for FREE.
You pay once and play!

❌ Attention! Minecraft Dungeons and EA Play DOES NOT WORK here.

🎮 The games will have your NICKNAME from the XBOX Live profile and the NEW GAME (save and achievements are tied to it)!
🔓 You do not need to provide access to your computer through Team Viewer, you activate the account yourself.
🌎 No regional restrictions (GLOBAL)

💎 After purchase, you will instantly receive:
1. Auto-activator + unique key
2. Detailed VIDEO and TEXT instructions for activation, the activation itself takes ~ 15 seconds!
If you have any problems with activation - write to the correspondence, I will help through TeamViewer
3. Add. information on troubleshooting and support from the seller
4. Access to your account for the selected subscription period

✅ Account (activation) will NOT crash:
- after reinstalling Windows \ logging out of the purchased account
- replacement \ addition of PC components *
For a positive review, you can get one month of subscription as a gift!
Buy a product - leave your positive feedback - write in the "Correspondence with the seller" the text "I want a free month of subscription!" and we will extend the operation of the key.
📌 General information:
• Activation is performed by logging into the Seller's account in the Microsoft Store on your PC, 1 key = 1 PC!
• Login to the account only through the activator + key, login / password is not issued
• You can play with your friends if they also buy this product
• It is FORBIDDEN to change the data, the account is NOT transferred to you as your property. If you try, your key will be immediately blocked without a refund.
• Automatic update of games to the current version, new DLC and games without activation rally, without the participation of the seller.
• * If you want to change PC components - write to the seller in advance to transfer the license
• Access to your account is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase
• If your PC does not meet the system requirements of any of the games - the seller is not responsible for this
• The operation of the online and the game itself is guaranteed at the time of purchase, if in the future Microsoft blocks the ability to play through activation - no claims will be accepted.
• Due to the technical features of the software, it is possible that the activator is mistakenly identified by some antiviruses as malware

By purchasing a product, you automatically agree to the description and terms / rules.
📝 How do I get activation? The answer is here.

✅ Required for activation:
- Windows 10 x64 (version 1909 and higher), also works on the pirated version.
- XBOX Live account (registration - )

✅ What you need to do before purchasing activation:
❗ - Log out of your account in the Windows Store
❗ - Open "Options" (Win + I) -> Accounts -> Login Options. Delete the PIN code if it exists, the games DO NOT WORK with it!
- You need to make sure that you have no problems installing applications through the Microsoft Store
- Launch the XBOX program. Log in with your PERSONAL account.

Next: we buy, look at the instructions, download the utility and activate it.
Additional Information
◾ Any changes to account data / transfer to third parties is strictly prohibited
◾ One activation (one key) = 1 PC
◾ Account access is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase
◾ Login to your account is made only through the activator (.EXE), login / password is not issued. The activator does not contain malicious code, does not collect personal information and is completely safe for your system
◾ After activating the key, no refund is made
◾ Some games in the subscription may not work due to restrictions from Microsoft, the seller is not responsible for this
◾ We guarantee constant access to the product as long as it is technically possible to provide this service (restrictions on online play by the platform/developers, other unforeseen events). From our side there will be no restrictions on the use of the product, you can play on it as much as you want (as long as your key is active)
◾ *If you want to change PC components, write to the seller in advance to transfer the license
◾ The product is NOT suitable for playing through cloud services (Cloud Gaming and analogues), virtual machines and XBOX consoles
◾ By purchasing a product, you agree to ensure the functionality of the activator by disabling any conflicting software, as well as ignoring possible false-positive reactions of antiviruses

❌ In case of violation of the rules - denial of service and blocking of the key, without a refund.
Feedback (7)
+ 7
- 0
everything works fine, thanks to the seller
All perfectly!
Delivered, standard antivir of Windows swore on a trojan. Also on the desktop, shortcuts to programs that are not deleted were renamed, it says that the element could not be found. Perhaps after rebooting the system I will delete it. I did not notice any problems with the system after installation, there are no left loads in the dispatcher. I didn’t see any problems with account activation (you need to look at the instructions at the link "problem solving", the video has been removed from YouTube), Game pass is active until April 24th. Games in the subscription sea. I will test, if there are any jambs, I will add a review.

After the reboot, the shortcuts were removed, there are no jambs. Flight is normal
Everything is working
I have been using it for more than two weeks, everything is fine)
I started the activator, added an account, everything works, I have already put the forza 5 on download :)) I want an extra month!
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